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Attention: Women and men who are tired of struggling, sick of being heavy,
and ready to lose weight for the last time…

Change Your “Failure” Blueprint
Claim Your Optimal Weight
Permanently and Authentically!

You’re struggling with food. You weigh more than you would like. You feel uncomfortable, afraid for your health, and/or you don’t recognize your body, your behavior, or yourself anymore.

You feel frustrated, even angry at the weight loss programs that didn’t work and at yourself for the money you’ve wasted and for not having fixed this problem already. You feel embarrassed about the way your body looks and ashamed of your lack of willpower.

You are tired of trying and feel helpless or downright hopeless about losing weight for good. This is particularly depressing because time is passing as you “weight” to fully participate in life, love, or acting on what matters most to your heart.

You are capable in other areas of your life, and you wonder:

  • How did I get here?
  • I know what to do, why can’t I get myself to do it consistently?
  • How could a smart woman be so stupid in this part of my life?
  • What’s wrong with me?

There’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not stupid. I know because that’s exactly how I and the hundreds of women I’ve worked with felt before we discovered how to change our blueprint and lose weight for the last time.

If you’re sick of being told how to lose weight from “experts”
who’ve been skinny their whole lives, allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Dr. Rebecca Ocean and I weighed 300 pounds — twice.

Twenty years ago I made a commitment to discover the truth about losing weight for good and to passing on everything I learned to women who struggle with weight. My search led me to earn a doctorate in transpersonal psychology and inspired my research on women’ts psychospiritual process of healing obesity.

The uniquely effective Taking Your True Shape® Makeover was derived from research and my own vulnerable human experiences and those of the women (and men) I have had the deep honor to accompany on their journeys.

If you join us you will soon know that the weight loss process is none other than the heroine’s journey from difficulty, immaturity, and ignorance of who you really are to consciously embodying and expressing the beauty, value, love, and radiance that is your true nature.

I created this program to bring true transformation to you and
the millions of women, men, and children suffering from obesity.

When I use the word obesity, I mean not just the often painful experience of being overweight but the even more devastating consequences of self-disgust, hopelessness, and impaired self-trust that come from years of failed weight loss attempts. These losses in self-esteem deeply impact your identity and potential, causing you and others like you – some of our most beautiful and powerful human beings – to restrict your full engagement with life.

The fat advocacy movement is a noble effort to reverse the loss of self-esteem and marginalization of fat people. And, while I wholly agree with efforts to improve the quality of life of our seriously overweight fellow humans, I see size acceptance as a critical stage of development in the journey of true transformation not its end point.

True transformation is not pretending to feel good about yourself while
your health deteriorates nor is it weight loss in the way you usually think of it.

True transformation is experiencing change in yourself in such a way that you are UNABLE to go back to the way you were.

The diet industry is not now and has never been in the business of true transformation. A tiny percentage of humans really understand what it is let alone how to bring it about which is why I have dedicated my career to sharing this knowledge and experience with those who want and need it.

“Her approach to weight loss is revolutionary… bring the inner beauty and truth of who you are into the light.”

“Working with Rebecca has helped me to open to my True Nature. Instead of being critical with myself, I am learning to be compassionate. Ignoring my needs was at the root of my issue with food and weight. Now I have the tools I need to support myself in true transformation with food/weight and things are shifting for me. I have more experiences of turning inward and noticing if I am truly hungry. I feel confident and secure in this approach. Private sessions with Rebecca are extremely insightful and have helped me tremendously. She models true compassion and the life affirming way I need to be with myself which I am beginning to integrate into my life. Her approach to weight loss is revolutionary. It’s the exact opposite of most weight loss programs out there which teach you that you cannot trust yourself or your body and you have to follow some ‘expert’ to be able to lose weight. The Makeover course teaches you that you can trust yourself and gives you the tools you need to bring the inner beauty and truth of who you are into the light.”

“As I loved myself better, the man of my dreams came in to my life…”

“While working with Rebecca in the late 1990’s I discovered that I was co-opting with the media and culture at large about how I should look. She helped me stop hating my body and living a divided life!

Rebecca provided a compassionate, nurturing environment in which I could safely uncover levels of disappointment, shame, disgust and even hate I felt toward my body. Through her genuine kindness, understanding and appreciation I came to own and honor every aspect of my physical body, thereby finding greater harmony within.

This harmony impacted my whole life! As I loved myself better, the man of my dreams came into my life and so many other dreams have come true that I need to make a new list of dreams for 2011!”

Would you like to be UNABLE to
overeat or gain excess weight ever again?

Here are just a few of big ways your life will change by taking the Makeover:

  • Change your blueprint for suffering, struggle, and failure. As a natural part of human development we lose contact with the truth of who we are. This loss haunts us and makes us feel like we’re missing something we really want and need. This wanting gets focused outward as we try to get what we want from things that can never truly satisfy. We end up stuck in frustrating behaviors, addictions, relationship issues, and money troubles until we get to the core of the problem – our inaccurate blueprint for this life. I will guide you through the exact process I used to discover and dissolve the negative blueprint I believed was the truth about my life. This process will awaken you to your true self and the love, beauty, and goodness you’ve been looking for in all the wrong places. You will experience the inner change that must happen before the outside – your body, relationships, finances, career – can change for good (so they don’t just spring back like a rubberband to the shape of your blueprint).
  • Reach your turning point by getting to the heart of your situation. Do you know what’s right about your excess weight and compulsive eating? Yes, I said what’s right. The fact is that the “what’s right” is behind your failure despite your best intentions to stick to your plan. The culture of dieting has you so focused on getting rid of what’s wrong with you that you’re always looking in the wrong place for the answers that lead to permanent resolution. You will understand once and for all why you’ve been stuck and I’ll walk you through the exact method I used to get unstuck and release excess weight in alignment with the natural process of true transformation.
  • How did I come up with the name Taking Your True Shape®? One size fits all rarely works with clothing and it never works with weight loss. You’re going to be led through the same process I went through to discover my optimal weight and the customized plan that allowed me to naturally release 150 pounds for good. You’ll create your own unique and powerful plan that is a perfect fit for your personal goals, your unique body, and your lifestyle. Then you’ll learn how to implement it and succeed by doing it “imperfectly.”
  • Imagine how your life will be different when excess weight and emotional eating are no longer an issue for you. What will you do with all the extra time, energy, and attention you used to put into hating, fixing, and judging yourself? Every woman I know who has experienced true transformation uses the energy she’s freed up to improve her life, give more to her family, and/or change the world. That’s the real reason I do what I do. I’m driven by a vision…how would our world be different if every woman on earth who struggles with weight channeled her love, strength, power, and energy toward the changes she wanted to see in the world? Our families, our communities, our world would be completely different. Can you see it? I know you have greatness within you, and even if you’re already a powerhouse, struggling with food and weight is consuming energy the world needs right now. I will show you exactly how I freed myself from the chains of food compulsion so you too can experience an overflowing fullness that fuels the talents and gifts only you can bring to change the world.
  • LOTS of support and interaction to make sure your learning is “embodied” and not just another useless mental activity. Mental learning, such as memorization and intellectual understanding, is easy to lose and doesn’t create behavioral change. (Simply look at everything you know about what you should do to lose weight and you’ll see the limitations of intellectual only learning.) Even insights won’t stick unless they’re integrated into your embodied experience of yourself. Embodiment is the key to transformation and I will show you precisely how to embody the teachings that guarantee your weight loss, peace of mind, and emotional freedom will last your lifetime.
  • And much, much more.
“It helped me leave behind a world that was not working and cross over…”

“The Taking Your True Shape® Makeover helped me name the inside “crazies,” the separate warring that was going on inside my mind. It helped me leave behind a world that was not working and cross over into a new way of relating to food and myself.”

Discover what true transformation
— including permanent weight loss —
really is and take the
exact steps to create it for yourself

Step 1: Set Yourself Up for True Transformation

Have you ever wondered why it seems so impossible to lose weight and keep it off? The reason you’ve not done it already lies in both your inaccurate blueprint and the diet industry teaching you the exact opposite of what you need to do to be free of emotional eating and excess weight for good.

  • Discover your “failure” blueprint and learn the precise practices you must do to open to and live from the True You. (Students who add private sessions with me have a BIG ADVANTAGE here because I help them see into their blind spots.)
  • I will show you exact methods I used to unhook yourself from the faulty system of self-care/weight loss that’s keeping you stuck and overweight. It’s harder than you think but easier with expertise.
  • You’ll finally understand why affirmations and hypnosis will never work (they are like putting pretty paint over rotting wood) when the judgmental, rebellious, indulgent, and childlike aspects of your personality are running amok. You’ll develop mastery over sabotage and claim your true strength, power, beauty, and love.
  • This step creates the solid foundation that makes all the other steps work!

Step 2: Transform Your Relationship with Food & Eating

Mentally learning what you “should” eat doesn’t equate to the behavior change necessary for permanent weight loss. Intellectually knowing you should eat or should exercise is never enough create the transformation you desire. My research and traditional research on obesity show the kind of motivation that does work and its source is the heart, not the head. You will use the same method I used to connect with your true reason for making changes with food and the only kind of motivaton that will last your lifetime.


  • I will teach you the exact process I used so you can create a peaceful, healthy, and pleasurable relationship with your body and food.
  • Reconnect with your body and your natural hungers for foods that make the extra weight fall off.
  • I will tease out the truth for you about low carb, low fat, raw food, fasting, blood type, and every diet out there so you will have clear guidelines about the foods that best suit your body and lifestyle.
  • You’ll be the first to get my secret, delicious, filling, fat-burning recipes. Everyone else has to wait for the book, but you’ll get the tips, tricks, and recipes I used to lose 150 pounds and keep it off without deprivation. I’ll also show you how to create your own fabulous recipes with the foods you and your body will love!

Step 3: Transform Your Relationships

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and all alone in your struggle? Women thrive with support, but when it comes to weight loss finding the right kind of support is nearly impossible. Family, friends, physicians – everyone has been brainwashed by the diet industry and media about what you “should” do to lose weight. The fact is almost all of them have no idea what the real keys are to losing weight for good – they’re only regurgitating dieting dogma.


  • Discover the kind of support that works flawlessly to change your blueprint, release weight with love, and open you to your True Self. Learn to practice for yourself and others and watch love and understanding grow all around you.
  • The Taking Your True Shape® community is amazing. The most wonderful women are attracted to this unique work and you will feel welcomed, loved, and attended to in our community. In our safe, compassionate, and self-responsible environment you will learn to relax, let go, and trust that support is there when you need it — inside and out.
  • I’ve put together a support guide that explains to your doctor, therapist, nutritionist, family, friends, partner – anyone in your life – who wants to support you but is only making things harder for you. This guide will make it easy for them to understand what you’re going through and teach them how to give you the right kind of support. Rather than wasting energy fighting, protecting, or avoiding others – you’ll create a whole team of people in your corner encouraging and celebrating with you every step of the way.

I will walk you through ALL 10 Life-Changing Steps
but YOU have to take Step 0 by yourself and

Dissolve the Obstacles to
Your True Shape Week by Week

Week 1. Break Free of the Impermanent Approach to Weight Loss. Anyone who has ever been on a diet has been trained to lose weight in a profoundly ineffective way. We approach ourselves and weight loss in exactly the opposite of the way that leads to permanent change. In Week 1 you’ll take the the first, critical step on your last weight loss journey and say good-bye what doesn’t work while you set your feet on the path to true success. Fierce VIPs (see below) get the results of their Core Assessment this week and work with me personally to discover the exact support they need to feel balanced and lose weight easily.

Week 2. Free Your Heart & Mind from the False Self (and Shape). Now that you’ve left weight loss system that doesn’t work in the past, you’re ready to learn the system of True Transformation. This week will blow your mind, open your heart, and soothe your soul as you learn the powerful practices that will change your relationship with your body, food, mood, relationships, and weight forever. Fierce VIPs start experiencing how simple it can be to stabilize moods, drop pounds, and feel great with the customized brain and body-balancing plan we created from the results of their assessment!

Week 3. It Takes a Village to Release the False Self. What allows you to transform the core of what’s keeping you stuck is as new to you as it is to your family, friends, partner, doctor, co-workers, etc. This week you’ll learn how to enlighten and expand your village and feel how wonderful and powerful compassionate, objective support is to your True Transformation.

Week 4. Transform the Inner Critic & Develop True Guidance. The single biggest obstacle to your weight loss is the part of you that you’ve been trained to put in charge of your success. Your brain chemistry maybe adding to your trouble (did you know certain neurotransmitter deficiencies amplify your inner critic? You’ll discover the simple, inexpensive fix here). This week you’ll make the dramatic, life-changing physical, emotional & spiritual shifts that will teach you how to release negativity, obessissive thinking, cravings (food, alcohol, drugs), and depression to embrace the loving inner guidance that always knows the perfect next step on your path of True Transformation.

Week 5. Transform the Rescuer & Develop True Compassion & Self-Love. In response to your inner critic’s negative, insensitive style of pushing you toward your ideal weight or other goal, the rescuer showers you with food (or alcohol, unhealthy relationships, etc.) to bring you comfort, pleasure, and escape from the drudgery. Sadly this may be the closest thing you have to compassion or self-love so it makes sense you wouldn’t want to give it up. Here too, brain chemistry may be contributing to your craving for comfort, so this week you’ll take the critical physical, emotional, and spiritual steps to transform false compassion, comfort, pleasure, and nurturing (which are self-destructive) to True Compassion and Self Love which are always sensitively attuned to what your body, heart, and soul need for your optimal health and most beautiful expression.

Week 6. Transform the Rebel & Develop True Strength, Will & Power. Without True Strength to stand up to the inner critic, True Will to be steadfastly committed to a way of eating that’s aligned with love, and True Power to cut through what’s false, you have instead a rebel (though it’s often unconscious). This part encourages you to rebel against the authorities, rules, and restrictions the inner critic holds dear. You’ll finally end the inner battle this week as you take the physical, emotional, and spiritual steps to transform the false strength, willfulness, and destructiveness of the rebel to embody the real strength, will, and power that you’ve always needed to optimally live your unique, authentic life.

Week 7. Transform the Victim/Child & Develop Trust, Authenticity & Originality. The blueprint of your false shape and false self come from the early time in your life when you were most vulnerable, impressionable, and innocent. To transform this tender place of your greatest potential you’ll need all the True Guidance, Compassion, Self-Love, Strength, Will, and Power you’ve developed in the previous lessons. This week, you’ll make the profound shift of dissolving the false impressions of the past and maturing into the objective, beautiful truth of who you really are. You’ll open to trust that’s inseparable from wisdom, transparent authenticity, and the original expression of the divine you came here to be.

Week 8. Transform Trouble with Food & Develop Attuned Eating. Now that you have an inner foundation of love, truth, and deep awareness, you’re ready to experience how natural and effortless changing your behavior with food can be (although it may have happened as early as week 1 already). This week you’ll cut through all the trouble of your past and change your relationship with food and eating forever.

Week 9. Transform Trouble with Exercise & Develop Attuned Moving. As with eating above, this week you’ll experience a whole new way of relating to moving your body in alignment with your need for healing and your natural expression.

Week 10. Take Your True Shape in Body, Relationships & the World. This week you’ll deepen your mastery of the secret process you learned in this course. And since transformation is a dance between inner development and outer relatedness, you’ll also enjoy our community celebration of your success and tune into how to bring your unique gifts — your love, authenticity, and beauty — more fully into your relationships, work, and the world.

“Allowing literally opened me up to make huge changes…”

“I felt stuck – like being unable to get out of a revolving door. The tools that were presented at both the Taking Your True Shape® Makeover and in private sessions were clear and concise. I learned to be open with my heart and not my controlling mind. The process seemed more challenging than I thought I would be able to integrate. Not true!! Allowing literally opened me up to make huge changes. All I had to was to be truly open to receive information.”

“Struggling with weight and depression…this work…has given me a new outlook…”

“Like so many women, I have been struggling with weight and depression for many years. I was at one of my lowest points and felt that there was no help or relief in sight. That was when I found Rebecca and Taking Your True Shape®. Through this incredible work, I have learned to become aware of my body and the issues that are at the root of my struggle with food and weight. This work has given me hope and a new outlook on the days ahead.”

Take the Makeover and You Will Enjoy…

10 Transformational Teaching Sessions. In these powerful teaching sessions, I will walk you through each of the steps you must take to take to free yourself of emotional eating and excess weight forever.

Every question will be answered so you will be absolutely clear about how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be as smoothly and quickly as the process will allow.

Listen live by phone or later by MP3. Or listen in your car, at the beach, in the woods, or cleaning the kitchen – any time and anywhere it’s convenient for you – on your phone, iPod or any MP3 player. You can also burn your MP3 files to audio CD and listen on any CD player.

Transformation Manual & Quick Reference Sheets. Are you a visual learner? Most of us have visual learning as our first or second strongest learning style. Guided by the teaching sessions (and your private sessions with Dr. Ocean if you choose the Fierce VIP package), this manual will powerfully reinforce your learning and integration of the teachings. The quick reference sheets are handy to take with you to work, on vacation, and anywhere you find yourself needing a reminder of the practices that are bringing you closer to realizing your optimal shape and most beautiful life.

Exclusive Membership in our Private Online Community. Everyone learns better, faster, and longer in community. People remember lessons more readily if they come in the form of a story. While stories will be included in the teaching sessions, you benefit tremendously by engaging with others on this shared journey.

You will have a supportive, encouraging, and safe place to learn this unique approach with others who will understand your challenges and will join in celebration for your successes.

Student Status. Registration in the complete course grants you immediate official student status. O C E A N students receive up to 25% off our live programs and even more on our larger private session packages.

Plus you’ll enjoy the little extras we share with our students like Dr. Ocean’s advanced book chapters, extra bonuses/special gifts, and participation in student only events.

“I ate consciously with compassionate awareness–both great breakthroughs for me.”

“The final activity for me was the most powerful for me. I was able to authentically put into practice the tools and clearly identified the benefits including the Goddess practice. Using objective observation, it helped me to just “be” without judgments. I listened to my body and I ate consciously with compassionate awareness–both great breakthroughs for me.”

Register by October 13th and
Receive nearly $2,000 in Power-Boosting Bonuses!

Bonus #1 Online Support through 2014. Not only will get you our most powerful program this year for a great price but you’ll also be able to participate in our Makeover programs in 2014 for FREE.

Reinforcing your learning and community connections ensures you have plenty of support for ongoing breakthroughs and integration of the deep changes you’ll be making.

We know how strong the pull to the old, familiar blueprint can be so we give you a whole year of extra support to make sure the true you gets locked in place.

Bonus #2 Rebecca’s Recipes for Radiance & Release. This bonus is a whole course in itself where you will learn exactly what to eat to help your unique body naturally release excess weight, dissolve food cravings, and feel energetic, balanced, and happy. You’ll hear cutting edge information about the physiology of weight loss and receive dozens of sumptuous recipes for radiance and release.

For a limited time, submit your favorite “unhealthy” recipe to Rebecca for a recipe makeover customized to what allows your body to feel great and lose weight.

You’ll finally be free of the low-fat, low-carb, calorie counting, raw food confusion and discover the delicious foods and drinks that make taking great care of your body an easy way of life. Plus this is the only place you’ll receive the original, powerful tool we created to ensure you integrate body awareness, emotional and spiritual attunement, your unique physiology, and food preferences into a way of life that supports your true shape, highest vibration, and happiest heart.

Bonus #3 Thank You, Food. Transform your cravings into claiming your True Self! You’ll receive all seven of the MP3 recordings of our popular Thank You, Food course.

Discover the hidden spiritual invitations in your anxious eating and eating to space out. Tap into your true self through a whole new way of working with your cravings for creamy, sweet, and crunchy foods.

Understand the underlying physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues keeping emotional eating and excess weight in place and find the secret passageway to healing these issues for good.

Bonus #4 Coaching-On-Demand Tools. We’ve resolved the biggest challenge our students face – remembering the keys to their transformation during their busy days.

You will be the first to have these coaching-on-demand tools so you have expert support for your transformation at your fingertips 24/7.

“I am much more present with my life…food intake and listening to my body.”

“After working with Dr. Ocean the past 6 months at the Fierce VIP Level there has been a noticeable shift in my body, my personal life, my home, my energy that I can only attribute to my work with her. My husband noticed something tangible in the way that we are with each other, or more specifically, the way I am with him – present. I am much more present with my life, specifically with my food intake and listening to my body.

My body has chosen to get rid of what it doesn’t need anymore and it is truly freeing. I now look at a meal and say, “it is enough” and then enjoy each bite immensely. It is surprising how little food I need to feel satisfied now that I am not stuffing my emotions.

This work is opening up space that I have been very afraid of (“bolting” is my favorite past time – into anything but that space inside myself). I have allowed myself to explore that space in the safe environment that Dr. Ocean provides. It has not been as scary as I was convinced it would be.

Each day I am able to distinguish whether my hunger is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual and feed THAT hunger with what it needs which most of the time is not food — and it actually feels good!”

Upgrade and Get Even More with our
Fierce VIP Package

(Only 10 Spaces Available at this Level!)

Laser Blueprint Core Assessment. The core assessment is actually several assessments created by Dr. Ocean and others to instantly uncover the core issues keeping your old blueprint in place.

Completing the core assessment is a revelation in itself. Twenty years of research have gone into this power packet of self-discovery which reveals hidden connections in all areas of your life so there are no unseen barriers to your true transformation.

10 Private Sessions with Dr. Ocean. Including the Full Assessment Session! Nothing beats receiving one-to-one personal guidance from the woman who’s been there herself, developed the program, and has been teaching students for over 20 years. Now she’s investing more of her time in writing and training new coaches to keep up with the demand for private sessions.

Dr. Ocean’s insights are deep and on target and will save you months of struggling with an issue in your blind spot. Private sessions are 55-minutes in length and can be held in person, by phone, or via Skype from anywhere in the world.

If you want to be sure to work with Dr. Ocean directly, upgrade now.

Please Note: Ten private sessions expire one year from date of purchase. No refunds will be given on used or unused private sessions. Private sessions are not included in the money back guarantee as defined below. No exceptions.

Direct Email Access with Dr. Ocean. In addition to your private session time and the online community, you will have direct email access to Dr. Ocean for questions in between your private session appointments.

Sometimes a quick email exchange is the difference between falling into an old habit and having a breakthrough. Remember your success will be rewarded so it makes good sense to give yourself ample support for realizing your goals!

Exclusive VIP Invitation Only Events. We love treating our VIPs like the Fierce Warriors of Love, Truth & Beauty they are so we host special events just for them. They also enjoy priority registration and appointment times.

Coaching Certification Track.Would you like to be paid well for helping others realize the same success you have in this program? Successful students who participate in private sessions and group programs are able to apply to our Coaching Certification program. If you’re new to O C E A N the Fierce VIP package is the perfect first step.

“I relax into myself and know that I’m not flawed or defective…”

“I ate compulsively when I didn’t want to and binged without knowing what was really going on, and then I hated myself for my lack of control. I felt like I lived on the surface of my self.

Private sessions with Rebecca have allowed me to contact the pain I had worked so hard to avoid, and to know that it won’t, in fact, kill me. It has given me the opportunity to relax into myself and know that I’m not flawed or defective. While I have more to learn, I now feel (mostly) like an adult woman capable of handling life, rather than a child at the mercy of it.”

“I highly recommend these programs and one-on-one sessions with Rebecca…”

“I am grateful for both the Taking Your True Shape® Makeover and the private sessions. Both provided me with the opportunity to center myself and to use the tools Rebecca teaches. If you are looking for a way to connect and work on any personal challenge–be it weight, relationships or whatever life change–I would highly recommend this program and one-on-one sessions with Rebecca.”

So how much is this going to cost me?

First, I want to invite you to reflect for a moment on what it would really be worth to you to transform your relationship with your body, food and weight for life? If you were truly free and no longer had to invest your mental, emotional, physical, financial, creative, and spiritual energy into “fixing” this “problem,” what is the value that would have for your personally?

Second, as a success story you may feel inspired to pass on our work to others and/or directly help others in their transformation. Either way you can earn income or services by authentically sharing this work with others or by applying to our Coaching Certification program to help others achieve the same success you have.

Third, is a question for you and a promise. The question…how much money have you already spent on health club memberships, exercise equipment, and weight loss products that offered little to no support because they counted on your “failure” or “drop out” to make big money and sell more products? If you’re like most of our students, you’ve spent hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

We know you’re skeptical and we want you to be
happy about your decision to join us.

Now the promise…if you invest your money, time, and energy in yourself with this program, we won’t let you fail even when you get tired, frustrated, confused or scared (yes, Marianne Williamson is correct, many of us are more afraid of our beauty, talent, and greatness than of our weaknesses and difficulties).

We know how the process works. It’s a heroine’s journey filled with trials, temptations, and the occasional scary monster. Fears always accompany a change in your old blueprint – it’s a good sign – and we’ve been there and have the wisdom of experience here to help you safely crossover the new thresholds along the way.

Plus you’re PROTECTED by our 100%, Risk Free, One-Year Money Back Guarantee!

Since we know you’ve spent money on countless weight loss products and services that did not deliver, we want to put your mind at ease. We know that if you follow the steps, complete the assessment and lessons, and do the practices, your relationship with your body, food, weight, and your life will be changed forever in ways that transform your body, open your heart, and free your soul.

So here’s our Makeover guarantee, if you do the assessment, lessons, practices, and community participation for the full year we make it available to you, you will get all the benefits we’ve promised.

However, we can’t guarantee your level of commitment or motivation, nor can we guarantee that something else in your life won’t take your focus away from this course.

If after completing the Makeover and year of support you feel we didn’t deliver everything we’ve promised, simply submit your completed assessment, assignments, and practice records and let us know by December 31, 2014. We’ll verify that you completed the full program in good faith. If so, we’ll gladly issue a full refund.

“In a very short time, she enabled me to finally break through…”

“Dr. Ocean and I have been working together in private sessions for several meetings. I cannot express how grateful I am to her for the new world she has introduced to me.

In a very short time, she has enabled me to finally break through my old, destructive thinking and behavior that trapped me in a never-ending cycle of shame and guilt around my body, food and eating. In this short period of time, Rebecca is teaching me to re-connect with and listen to my body and appreciate its wisdom with regard to my right size, shape, activities, and nutrition.

She has a non-judgmental style, an intimate familiarity with these issues, an impressive knowledge of nutrition, psychology, and all the other subjects which encompass this field, and she has a serious dedication to the process of redefining this critical relationship with our bodies. She is the perfect teacher for this delicate work and I highly recommend her to anyone who can relate with this deep inner struggle.”

“I will never have to go on a diet again… I recommend this program to anyone who has tried everything and has not received any relief.”

“The Makeover is delivering the pieces that have always been missing for me. I now realize why diets have not worked for me in the past and have the information and tools for an alternative approach that is working for me. I will never have to ‘go on’ a diet ever again and I will reach and maintain the weight that is just right for me. For the first time I am deeply understanding the reasons I reach for food. I am learning that the permanent change I want requires that I accept myself and have compassion right where I am today whether I am overeating or not. Now I can to listen to my body and know whether I am emotionally hungry or physically hungry. Just half way through the course, I have experienced a dramatic reduction of sneak eating, bingeing, and mindless overeating. I feel released from the diet/binge cycle. I recommend this program to anyone who has tried everything and has not received any relief.”

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Are you finally ready to step into the True You? I would be honored to be of service to you in your final weight loss journey.


P.S. To be totally honest, in the past I’ve done my students a disservice by not encouraging them strongly enough to invest their love, time, attention, money, and energy in their transformation. I’m a gentle soul but I know sometimes we need a loving nudge in the right direction…like a momma bird nudging her baby toward the edge of the nest encouraging her to take flight. If you find yourself at the edge of your safe little comfort zone (nest), let me give you that loving extra nudge – JUMP and take flight with us!

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“It’s amazing… I’m now able to open to the Compassion, Strength and Guidance that support my transformation.”

“In the Makeover I am learning how to tune into myself: body, heart, mind, and Spirit. It is freeing to have the tools to discover the Truth. One of the biggest shifts for me is that I’m now able to identify the core parts of me that kept me stuck and open to the True Compassion, Strength, and Guidance that support my transformation. It’s so clear now, it’s amazing. Rebecca has a true gift for teaching and it’s a pleasure working with her.”

IMPORTANT CAUTION – PLEASE READ: Although anyone may find the practices, discliplines, insights, and understandings in this program to be useful, it is made available with the understanding that Rebecca Ocean and O C E A N Embodiment Center are not engaged in presenting specific medical, psychological, emotional, sexual, relational, or spiritual advice. Nor is anything in this course intended to be a diagnosis, prescription, recommendation, or cure for any specific kind of medical, psychological, emotional, sexual, relational, or spiritual problem. Each person should engage in a program of treatment, prevention, cure, or general health only in consultation with a licensed, qualified physician, therapist, or other competent professional. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.

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