Winter 2017 Video Update


Pre-Launch Session Specials

Have things been taking you a lot longer than you expected or planned lately?

If so, you’re not alone. I and most people I know have experienced shifting project timelines for the past few months despite our best efforts.

At last, the big business changes I’ve been working on since early last summer are finally about to see the light of day.

Next week my new website will be going live and shortly after that the launch of a new program that contains all the teachings I’ve spent the last 30 years developing. My new site is devoted to providing free transformational content – including articles, recipes, videos, reviews, and more. And the new program makes my life’s work available to support people’s transformation in an easy to follow, step-by-step guided process.

A limited number of participants in the new program will have the option of adding private sessions to deepen their learning. You always have first priority in my schedule over newer students and I base my availability on how many sessions you have on your account and how frequently you prefer to meet. So, in order for me to know how many spaces I have available in my weekly private session schedule for new students, I’d like to know how much you’d like to work together this year.

To make it as easy as possible for you to lock in your priority status and preferred time if you need more sessions, I’m offering the best possible rates I can below.

The launch of my new website also means that this webpage and the pre-launch specials below will go away forever on 3/23/17.

The brief video below includes all the details about the upcoming changes and special offers. (Feel free to skip the video and bop on down to the Pre-Launch Specials if you just want the best deal ever on private sessions.)


Shall we continue working together?

I hope so!



Pre-Launch Private Sessions Specials

Until Thursday 2/23/17



10-session Package $1400


$1400 per package if you register before Thursday 2/23/17 ($1750 thereafter)


10 (ten) 55-minute Private Sessions in person or by Zoom. Limited to two packages per person.


Register Me for the 10-session Pre-Launch Special $1400
click here



40-session Package $3997 (only 2 available)


1 Payment of $3997 before Thursday 2/23/17 (not available thereafter or when both packages have been claimed)


40 (forty) 55-minute Private Sessions in person or by Zoom. Only 2 packages available


Register Me for the 40-session Pre-Launch Special $3997
click here



Payment Plan?


If you’d like an interest-free, six-month payment plan, you might consider PayPal Credit (below). Once you have PayPal Credit simply let me know which package you’d like and I’ll send you a PayPal link by email. Then simply choose your PayPal Credit line as your payment source upon checkout and you’ll have 6 months to pay, interest-free.


Now is an auspicious time for change!