You’re Registered – 7 Practices

You’re Registered!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered to participate in the 7 Practices for Taking Your True Shape® Telecourse with Dr. Rebecca Ocean for no charge. Over the next few weeks you will discover the essential practices for achieving permanent, authentic weight loss, balanced eating, and/or transforming body image. Plus, these same practices will provide guidance and support for embodying your true self in every area of your life.


Now what?

  1. Check your email inbox for our “Welcome” email and be sure to add to your address book or email application whitelist to ensure you will receive all the information you need to participate in the course.
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  3. At least 24 hours before each call you will receive a reminder with your call-in details to participate by phone or Internet plus any handouts if applicable.
  4. Then, within 24 hours after each call, you will receive an email with links to the MP3 recordings which you can listen to online or download and play on your computer or MP3 device such an an iPhone or iPod.


A note from Rebecca…

I’m so glad you’ll be joining us for this program! You are about to discover the practices that allow me to NEVER worry about gaining the weight back after releasing 150-pound 17 years ago.

These practices will help you transform what’s happening with your body, food, and eating (and relationships, work, etc.) by teaching you a whole new way to engage your “in the moment” experience so that it can move in an optimizing direction. In addition, the comprehensive nature of the practices ensures that both your progress on the path and your permanent resolution won’t be derailed by the usual suspects (lack of compassionate awareness, unattuned support, difficult historical patterns of relating, or unfulfilling work/creativity).

Keep an eye out for an email from me announcing our first call and your first step of your last weight loss journey.

With love,




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