Weight Loss Angel

As the “Weight Loss Angel,” Dr. Rebecca Ocean volunteers at Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Orange County hospitals by visiting patients who are struggling with obesity and obesity-related illnesses and complications.

Her gentle bedside visits provide a space of kindness and compassion for the patient’s suffering and the inspiration to move forward toward better health in a new, effective way.

Support for the Weight Loss Journey

Dr. Ocean permanently lost over 150 pounds after weighing 300 pounds—twice. While she realized her permanent weight loss without surgery, she supports each patient in finding the optimal solution for her or his unique situation from the full range of healthful options available.

Her personal experience and her professional research, combined with 20 years of teaching authentic weight loss provide the foundation of empathy, knowledge, and wisdom required for supporting patients in the challenging but rewarding weight loss journey.

Overweight people are more inclined to be critical of themselves, depressed, and filled with shame, guilt, and fear about their situation.

During their bedside visit, patients are invited to share as much or as little of their struggle as they feel comfortable revealing. All experiences are listened to with compassion (and without judgment).

We have found this provides the most fruitful environment for helping the patient:

  1. develop the awareness and self-responsibility needed to confront the reality of their situation,
  2. understand emotional issues sabotaging their desire for health,
  3. make contact with their inner guidance (rather than inner criticism) as their source of right action toward permanent lifestyle change.


Opening the Door to the Most Fulfilling Life

Dr. Ocean’s approach to weight loss includes teaching patients that their difficulty with weight is a doorway to their most authentic and fulfilling life. Patients learn stress-reduction and awareness-building practices that transform self-defeating behaviors with food and exercise into embodied maturity and self-mastery.

Patients receive Dr. Ocean’s Weight Loss Makeover: Lesson #1 audio CD and a free private session (by phone, Skype, or in Long Beach) with her upon their discharge.


Who initiates a visit?

Nurses, doctors, chaplains, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, physical therapists, volunteer coordinators, hospitals administrators, family, and friends of patients may all initiate a “Weight Loss Angel” visit.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from a hospital visit by the Weight Loss Angel please call us toll-free at 877.926.3334 or email us here to schedule a time.

“Having been blessed by the presence of some of the most wise, brilliant, and compassionate teachers on the planet in my own weight loss journey, it is my joy and honor to be that presence for women, men, and children still struggling and suffering from issues with food and weight.

While I love working with students all over the world, it is especially meaningful to provide support here in my native Southern California.”~Dr. Rebecca Ocean, “Weight Loss Angel”