Transform the Rescuer Mini-Retreat

Transforming the Rescuer:

Heal the Heart Wound &

Embody True Strength, Power &




  • Do you have a hard time saying “no” to yourself – even when you really want to reach your goals or even when your health is at risk?
  • Are you able to be caring, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of other people but not to your own?
  • Do “discipline” and “structure” feel impossible or like dirty words to you?
  • Are you ready to transform indulgence and permissiveness into True Compassion and Self Love?


This Mini-Retreat is just for you!

Taking Your Own Shape® Transforming the Rescuer Mini-Retreat

Indulgence and permissiveness as the doorway to loving self-care
January 28-30, 2011 in Long Beach


You will enjoy a uniquely transformative weekend immersion experience of the profound and lasting change that comes from reclaiming a precious part of your True Self. You will learn to embody the true qualities of kindness, gentleness, compassion, and self-love that Rescuer can only mimic.

In Lesson 1 of the Taking Your Own Shape® Weight Loss Makeover (Online Makeover is a prerequisite for attendance), you discovered that the Rescuer is the part of us that says, “Awww, honey you’ve had such a hard day. Have as much of whatever you’d like to eat if it makes you happy right now. Nobody deserves to be on a diet or to deprive themselves after the kind of day you’ve had.”


The Rescuer is the reason you cannot stick to a way of eating and moving that is healthful for you. It’s one of the four “System of the Lie Players” that work together to make sure nothing ever changes – including your weight, relationships, finances, and basic style of life.


It’s the permissive or enabling voice in you that results in self-defeating or self-destructive behavior under the guise of compassion, empathy, or kindness. However, true kindness never compels you to overeat to discomfort or eat foods that are not supportive of your unique body. True Compassion is always attuned to the needs of your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. True Compassion and Self-Love support you by aligning your choices and actions with what is optimal for your heart, body, and deepest nature.


The Rescuer is a phony trying to give you the real thing. The Rescuer is mimicking true compassion and a loving, caring, gentle attitude. But it’s not true compassion and it’s not true care because there’s a backlash, a self-destructive consequence to your over-permissiveness.


The Rescuer is really an enabling attitude. And yet for many of us, it’s the closest thing we have to compassion for ourselves. You may feel, ‘Oh my gosh! If I don’t have this form of self-love, I won’t have anything! I won’t have any compassion for myself. I won’t have any kindness or softness because everything else in my life is just hard and difficult and about taking care of everybody else.”


So it makes perfect sense that you cling to the Rescuer for relief from the pressures of life. It’s tragic but it makes sense that you are permissive with yourself in this way because you don’t have access to the real thing.


In this powerful and gentle Mini-Retreat you will learn to embody the real thing.

Embodying True Compassion and Self-Love is one of the changes

that changes everything.

You will transform your Rescuer by making contacting with the true qualities the Rescuer can only mimic. While all our programs support women in developing True Compassion, this Mini-Retreat transforms the issue at the very core of your personality. You will see positive changes in every area of your life.


Dr Ocean After taking participating in this Mini-Retreat you will:


  • Make healthier food and movement choices with ease and joy
  • Harness self-love as your center for making change
  • Dissolve patterns of self-destructive indulgence and over-permissiveness
  • Be more attuned to your needs and able to express them with love


Please note there are only 7 spaces still available in this program. The group size is kept small to allow lots of personalized support for the changes you seek. Our goal is 100% success for each of our students at every event so we limit class sizes accordingly.


Program Information


Hours: Friday 8am-9pm • Saturday 8am-9pm • Sunday 9am-3pm

Format: Each teaching session is approximately three hours. Breaks between sessions for meals, walks on the beach (just 2 blocks from our location), resting, integrating, and socializing are approximately two hours.

Meals Included: Friday & Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner • Sunday Lunch

Activities Included: Meditation, O C E A N Yoga, Elegant Dinner, Expressive Arts, O C E A N Pampering Experience, O C E A N Medicine Walk, and much more.

Coaching Certification: The Rescuer Mini-Retreat is a requirement for Taking Your Own Shape® Coaching Certification program. NOTE: While it is possible that this program will be offered again live in 2012 or 2013, it is also possible it may only be available as a home study course with recordings from the live event.

Prerequisite: Taking Your Own Shape® Weight Loss Makeover (the 11-week online version). Past O C E A N students who have not taken this program can still come to the Mini-Retreat by satisfying the prerequisite in one of two ways. Join the fall online Makeover by 11/26/10 by going here. Or purchase just the course recordings and complete the exercises as a self study course. Both versions require that you complete all weekly assignments (including partner inquiries) and submit them to Dr. Ocean before the start of the Mini-Retreat.


Travel & Accommodations


Airports: Long Beach Airport (LGB) – approximately 15 minutes from hotel and retreat location. Orange County Airport (John Wayne, SNA) – approximately 25 minutes from hotel and retreat location. Los Angeles (LAX) approximately 35 minutes from hotel and retreat location. All times are without traffic, allow an additional 30 minutes travel time for rush hour time periods (M-F 7:30am-9:30am & 4-7pm) for SNA & LAX.

Dr. Ocean Hotel: While there are many fabulous hotels in Long Beach to choose from, past participants have preferred the Golden Sales Hotel. Currently they have internet rates of $95/nite for our retreat dates.

Car: Generally, our visiting participants have shared a rental car. Distance from the hotel to the retreat location is approximately 4 miles. Unfortunately, there are no hotels within walking distance to our site.

Questions about other hotels, possibles roommates, or the Mini-Retreat? Email us at




This exclusive, activity rich, 3-day event is a deal at the regular price of $1,500. If you act quickly you can save $300 or take advantage of our Easy 2-Pay plan. PLEASE NOTE: We expect this event to sell out.


Early Registration Options (end 12/24/10):
Single Payment of $1197!
Easy 2-Pay $697!


Join us for this soul-nourishing, life-changing weekend!


Cancellations made 35 days prior to the start of event (by 12/24) will be refunded the full amount less $100 processing fee. No refunds will be given after 12/24/10.