Transform the Rebel Mini-Retreat

Heal the Heart Wound &

Embody True Strength, Power &



Throughout the journey of embodying love, truth, and beauty, we encounter a part of us that wants nothing to do with what’s good and right. This part of us appears to be hell bent on going the opposite direction of love, truth, beauty, and the necessary steps toward our optimal lives.

If we want to lose weight, this part wants to eat too much of whatever is not on the plan. If we want to meditate for more presence, this part says hell no I’ve got better things to do. If we want love, this part pushes people away saying I don’t need anybody or anything.

Trusting no one and always ready to fight, this part quietly or triumphantly leads the resistance movement inside and outside us. No matter how much we may want what’s good for us and work toward creating it for ourselves, this part is always more powerful.


The Rebel says:

“No one will hurt me so badly (or trap me, criticize me, disempower me, use me, limit me, deprive me, betray me) ever again!”

“Trust no one! (Especially not God, love, or other people!) I can only trust myself” “I must do it all myself!”

“NO! NO to hurt! NO to vulnerability! NO to feelings I can’t handle!”

“Don’t tell me what to do!” “More for me!” are the battle cries of this defiant specialist in excess. It wants more food, more drugs, more reckless abandon, more mind-numbing TV, more fighting, and more of whatever it feels (or fears being) deprived of right now. Tomorrow doesn’t exist for the rebel in pursuit of what it wants.

When tomorrow comes, along with the weight gain, sickness, stagnancy in our goals, intimacy difficulties, and all the consequences of unconscious self-destructive excess – we feel shocked, frustrated, ashamed, and hopeless about transforming for good. We wonder, ‘Why does this keep happening? What’s wrong with me?’

There’s nothing wrong with you or any of us under the influence of the Rebel. We just don’t realize that the reason we’re at the mercy of it is because we side against it.

We want to be the angel and see the Rebel as the devil.

We believe the best way to handle the devil in us is by trying to get rid of it, ignoring it, or keeping a death grip on our willpower toward the good. We don’t want to own the scary behavior or the impulse behind it so we try to keep it under control by locking it up in the dungeon (hell), out of our consciousness awareness, where, ironically, is where it gets its tremendous power over us and the good in our lives.

The rebel was born out of a loss of love – a heartbreak so total and impossible to tolerate – our heart had no choice but to close to love, goodness, and beauty.

Denying the existence of this part, keeping it out of consciousness, means keeping it out of our own heart, which perpetuates the suffering that brought it into existence in the first place.

As you may have noticed, there’s very little understanding – let alone support – for this very important part of ourselves in the culture at large. That’s why we’re giving it a whole Mini-Retreat – three whole days – to finally shower this love-starved part of you all the tender holding and loving attention it needs to reveal its truth and transform your heart and soul for good. Transforming the Rebel allows you to embody the essential Strength and Power you need to open fully to Love and live your authentic life.

To make sure you are integrating your transformation into your daily life after the Mini-Retreat, we include the Healing Your Heart Wound 10-week online course for no additional charge.


The Transforming the Rebel Mini-Retreat and Online Course will allow you to:

  • bring kind, insightful, and life-changing understanding to the rebellious part of you whether it is conscious or not
  • transform the self-destructive stance of the Rebel so patterns of excess dissolve naturally and permanently
  • understand how the Rebel has served and protected you with false strength (which is disconnected from love) while younow develop the true strength, power, and autonomy that frees your heart and soul to love and be loved fully!



Do you:

  • keep acting out self-destructive patterns despite your best efforts to be “good” and are ready to uncover the messages from your soul in the frustrating patterns?
  • feel you need to fight (or you feel it’s hopeless) to be loved, seen, or get what you need and are tired of fighting and open to the possibility of feeling loved unconditionally?
  • react with anger, aggressiveness, revenge, or distancing when you feel hurt, overwhelmed, or taken advantage of and want to find a more loving and authentic way to protect your heart?
  • feel afraid of or criticize yourself for your angry, hateful, or aggressive feelings because you don’t want to hurt people, don’t know how to handle such feelings, or believe these feelings are negative and should be repressed?
  • push people away to make space for yourself then feel regretful and/or alone and would like to experience yourself as strong and separate while maintaining sensitivity and connection with others?
  • want to embody true autonomy and individuality rather than conforming to or rebelling against inner/outer authorities?
  • feel ready to take an empowered stance for yourself and release the disempowered positions of blame, resentment, denial, self-forgetting, and victimization?
  • want more trust (with wisdom) in others, yourself, and life so you can relax and allow yourself to receive love and good care?


Then this Mini-Retreat is just for you!


Taking Your True Shape™ Transforming the Rebel Mini-Retreat

Heal the Heart Wound & Embody True Strength, Power & Authenticity
May 20-22, 2011 in Long Beach


The Rebel is the reason you cannot stick to a way of eating and moving that is healthful for you. It’s one of the four “System of the Lie Players” that work together to make sure nothing ever changes – including your weight, relationships, finances, and basic style of life.

The Rebel is a phony trying to give you the real thing. The Rebel is mimicking true strength, power, and authenticity. But it’s not true strength, power, or authenticity because there’s a backlash, a self-destructive consequence to your rebellion. It takes you further away from, not closer to, the love your heart most desires.

You will transform your Rebel by making contacting with the true qualities the Rebel can only mimic. While all our programs support women in embodying Love, this Mini-Retreat transforms the issue at the very core of your personality. You will see positive changes in every area of your life.

Give yourself a uniquely transformative weekend immersion experience of the profound and lasting change that comes from reclaiming a precious part of your True Self.

Please note there are only 3 spaces still available in this program. The group size is kept small to allow lots of personalized support for the changes you seek. Our goal is 100% success for each of our students at every event so we limit class sizes accordingly.


Program Information


Hours: Friday 8am-9pm • Saturday 8am-9pm • Sunday 9am-3pm

Format: Each teaching session is approximately three hours. Breaks between sessions for meals, walks on the beach (just 2 blocks from our location), resting, integrating, and socializing are approximately two hours.

Meals Included: Friday & Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner • Sunday Lunch

Activities Included: Meditation, O C E A N Yoga, Elegant Dinner, Expressive Arts, O C E A N Pampering Experience, O C E A N Medicine Walk, and much more.

Coaching Certification: The Rescuer Mini-Retreat is a requirement for Taking Your Own Shape® Coaching Certification program.

Prerequisite: Taking Your True Shape™ Weight Loss Makeover (the 11-week version). Students who have not taken this program can still come to the Mini-Retreat by satisfying the prerequisite through self-study. Please contact Dr Ocean immediately for details.


Travel & Accommodations


Airports: Long Beach Airport (LGB) – approximately 15 minutes from hotel and retreat location. Orange County Airport (John Wayne, SNA) – approximately 25 minutes from hotel and retreat location. Los Angeles (LAX) approximately 35 minutes from hotel and retreat location. All times are without traffic, allow an additional 30 minutes travel time for rush hour time periods (M-F 7:30am-9:30am & 4-7pm) for SNA & LAX.

Dr. Ocean Hotel: While there are many fabulous hotels in Long Beach to choose from, past participants have preferred the Golden Sales Hotel. Currently they have internet rates of $95/nite for our retreat dates.

Car: Generally, our visiting participants have shared a rental car. Distance from the hotel to the retreat location is approximately 4 miles. Unfortunately, there are no hotels within walking distance to our site.


Questions about other hotels, possibles roommates, or the Mini-Retreat? Email us at




This exclusive, activity rich, life-changing 3-day event and 10-week online integration course is regularly $1,500.

Last Day to Register is Saturday, April 23, 2011:

Single Payment of $1197! Save $300

Easy 2-Pay $697! Save $100


Cancellations made by 4/20/11 will be refunded the full amount less $100 processing fee. No refunds will be given after 4/20/11.