Upcoming Book Release

Rebecca Ocean’s Taking Your True Shape book guides readers step-by-step through the comprehensive, compassionate
method she used to make friends with her body, find peace with food, and
lose 150-pounds for the last time.


Lose weight? Anyone can do it.

Keep it off? Nearly everyone fails.


The Taking Your True Shape book will solve the mystery and guide you through the last weight loss program you will ever need.


The Issue

Doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, and weight loss gurus have scrambled for decades to find the secret to lasting weight loss. Many have claimed to have found it – and are selling it. Meanwhile obesity rates continue to climb, and millions continue to suffer the physical and emotional pain of being overweight.



The Mission

Are you tired of being told how to lose weight by people who’ve been skinny their whole lives?

My name is Dr. Rebecca Ocean and I’ve weighed 300 pounds – twice. Fifteen years ago, I lost over 150 pounds for the last time.

Millions of people are struggling like I did because we are taught by the weight loss industry and well-meaning health professionals to do the exact opposite of what really works to lose weight for good.

What really works took me years of trial and error, cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, and required a doctoral degree to discover. But I’ve now simplified 20 years of
reseach and teaching into a powerful 9-step process called Taking Your True Shape. Finally, this highly effective
method will be available by Christmas to everyone who wants to lose weight for the last time for just the cost of a book.

Having endured a lifelong struggle with excess weight and a painful body image, I wanted to understand why it is so difficult to keep weight off once we lose it. What’s missing in the research? Why do 99.5% of those who lose more than 100 pounds fail to keep it off for more than five years? I wished there was a simple guidebook that told the truth about weight loss and provided the solution to losing weight for good.

Taking Your True Shape is that book.

My mission is simple. To help as many people as possible, hopefully hundreds of millions, achieve the same success and freedom as I have by getting this revolutionary
method into the hands and hearts of those who need it.


The Project

The fastest and most easily accessible way to achieve our mission is to self-publish Taking Your True Shape as a book, eBook, and AudioBook.

And we’re almost there…

…thanks to a devoted group of students, friends, and family who’ve experienced the power of this work for themselves and been inspired to generously invest in me and the method for the many years it has been in development.

These courageous, passionate beings are using their       limited resources to make a difference in the lives of      millions of people suffering from one of the most
intractable problems we face in the United States and around the world.

And we need your help.

Despite winning first place out of hundreds of entries in a Transformational Author contest and receiving rave reviews from the publishing company, the book was passed over. The reason? I didn’t already have the platform of a
bestselling author or celebrity to drive book sales in the competitive weight loss market.

Imagine my surprise. I thought what publishing companies did was publish award-winning writing and unique
concepts so highly skilled authors could help their
audiences while building their following.

I’ve learned a lot about the new world of publishing since then. And the bottom line is this…

Even if we found a devoted agent to negotiate a great
contract with a commited publisher we’d still have to do most of our own marketing AND it would take nearly two years to get the book in the hands of my students.

That’s two years too long. We want you to have yours by the holidays.


The Goal

Our goal is to publish the Taking Your True Shape book by Thanksgiving so everyone who is ready can make 2013 the year they begin their last weight loss program. In order to achieve this goal we need to raise $77,000 by August 31, 2012.

Your participation in this project will jumpstart bringing this book to press and help us get it into the hands of those who pray every day for the freedom from suffering Taking Your True Shape delivers.

You may be reading this because you want to help a
grassroots effort succeed, or because someone you know needs help, or because you feel hopeless about losing weight for good. I want you to know you can do this. There’s nothing wrong with you. In fact, this book will help you and everyone who reads it discover what is right about where you are now – and how to get where you want to go from here.

We’ve adopted the creative project funding model
developed by Kickstarter.com for our Taking Your True Shape Book Drive (see FAQ below for why you won’t find us there). That means in addition to being a power partner in this project and bringing something new into the world, you’ll also receive lots of cool stuff (check out the rewards in the right column).

It’s easy to participate.

1. Choose a pledge level that works for you.

2. Share this message with friends who enjoy making a
difference in the world.

Thank you for helping make this project a reality.

If you participate with $100 or more I look forward to
celebrating our huge milestone together at our Waterfront VIP Book Release Party in Long Beach later this year.

May your generosity return to you a thousand-fold,


It’s Easy to Participate!

Simply click one of the reward levels to the upper right.



What will my money pay for?
Everything needed to get the book to print including writing, editing, cover design, layout/formatting, etc. Everything needed for the first print run and New Year’s promotion including fulfillment of Book Drive rewards, printing/shipping copies for review, publicity, book tour, media appearances, etc.

Where can I mail a check?
Dr. Rebecca Ocean, 1198 PCH D271, Seal Beach CA 90740

Who is Dr. Rebecca Ocean? What is she a doctor of?
Get all your answers about her here.

How can I get a free taste of Taking Your True Shape?
Read Jan’s Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul story here.
Listen to a course call here (or download by right-clicking or control-clicking)
Download two of the chapters that won the contest here.

How long will it take for me to receive my rewards?
Estimated ship date for soft cover books and ebooks is November 5, 2012. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of soft-cover books. All other items and events will be delivered by dowload, phone, or in person between September and December 2012.

Is shipping of rewards included in the participation amount?
US Domestic shipping is included. Please add $5 for Canada and $10 for other countries.

Why isn’t the project listed on Kickstarter.com?
Even though we know Taking Your True Shape is a scientific discovery, the book comes under the classificaton of a self-help book which is “prohibited subject matter” on Kickstarter.com.

How do I contact you?
562.595.2885 or 866.926.3334 toll-free or thrive@o-c-e-a-n.com