Freeing Your True Nature • Summer 2014


Waking Up through the Dance of Contraction & Expansion


A Mini-Retreat that Alings You with Your Most Radiant & Fulfilling Life.


by Invitation Only


July 18-20, 2014 in Long Beach CA




Spring is the perfect time to deeply immerse yourself in a transformative process that releases what’s false and clarifies what’s true for the unique person you are.


This Mini-Retreat is for you if you:

  • feel highly sensitive to needing to soothe yourself (with food, gossip, TV, alcohol, caretaking, numbing, etc.) when you feel negative, frustrated, or rejected
  • sometimes collapse in the face of challenge, feeling small, weak, and helpless to get what you want
  • still experience your Rebel, Rescuer, Critic, and Victim “acting out” with food/self-care, work/creativity, or in relationships no matter what you do
  • have already experienced some positive change by being more aware and kinder to yourself but are still stuck in self-destructive patterns the players act out
  • want to deepen your ability to work with the players in a way that allows them to open up to your deepest nature
  • long for an authentic, mature, and life-affirming way to navigate hurts and losses
  • want to embody more of the essential qualities the players are mimicking like strength, compassion, will, and joy
  • have trouble making time for practice in your daily life & benefit by having a loving, structured space for taking your development to the next level

For over 15 years, I’ve been illustrating the frustrating inner dynamics and sense of self (ego-structure) that keep self-destructive patterns in place using what I call the System of the Lie Players. They can be described as:

Inner Critic (Judge, Superego): “You should lose weight or you’re going to be alone forever!” or “Don’t do that, you’re an idiot!” are just two examples of the litany of shoulda, woulda, coulda’s of the Inner Judge who is constantly comparing you against an impossible standards of perfection. This part can be shaming and punitive on the one hand and inflating and complimentary on the other. It is the single biggest obstacle to true transformation and is mimicking true Guidance.

Child/Victim: “I want!” and “I hurt!” are the pleadings from this vulnerable part of yourself the feels criticized, frustrated, and rejected. It really wants love, holding, safety, and to be taken care of but since she believes she can’t have what she really wants her desires are either repressed or expressed in needy, childish, and unsatisfying ways. It can feel small, weak, helpless, and terrified of a big, powerful, hateful, and rejecting other (internally or externally). It’s a barrier to and mimicking true Joy, Preciousness, and Authenticity.

Rebel: “Don’t tell me what to do!” and “I’ll do whatever I want!” are the battle cries of the Rebel, the tough part of us that fights, defies authority, and can be hell bent on breaking the rules even if destruction is involved. Under it’s influence you may feel big, strong, hot, and feisty which can be a welcome contrast to the Child/Victim. This part is mimicking the true essential qualities of Strength, Power, and Will, however, true qualities are never destructive or separate from love as the Rebel is.

Rescuer: “Aaawww honey, you’ve had such a hard day you go ahead and have a carton of ice cream; you can eat well tomorrow” or “Be good to yourself, you can take the night off instead of going to yoga” are the kind-sounding directives the Rescuer gives to soothe you when you’re having a hard time. When this part is active we may feel softer, more relaxed, and numb to our trouble. It would feel like we’re being good to ourselves except that the behavior the Rescuer encourages is self-destructive and undermines true self care because it is not the real deal. This part is mimicking true Compassion and Love.

Their activity, or dance, produces a confounding pattern of wanting something we are unable to produce for ourselves (losing weight, quitting smoking, etc.) or to have in our lives (healthy relationship, meaningful work, etc.). We can observe the dance both inside ourselves and, through projection, in our relationship with others (partners/spouses, family members/friends, bosses/coworkers) and the world (community, country, God/universe).

Before discovering the Ridhwan School and their brilliant understanding of object relations in psycho-spiritual development, learning to recognize and enquire into the System of the Lie Players in my own and my clients’ experiences provided the key to opening up and, eventually dissolving, our previously impenetrable self-destructive patterns. Enquiry, the compassionate, curious, and objective practice of bringing the light of consciousness into the direct experience of the object relations in action, dissolves them over time. Even after many years of deepening my understanding of object relations through the Diamond Approach, the Players continue to be a useful way to characterize, describe, and bring experiential awareness into the activity of ego structure in consciousness, as well as pointing to the barriers to the essential aspects the players are mimicking.

“According to object relations theory, the development of ego structure through the process of separation-individuation happens primarily by means of the internalization of object relations through the formation of inner images of self and other. The “object” is generally the human love object, and an object relation is simply the relation between self and object, usually an emotional relation. “Object relations” then generally refer to the mental representation of this relation, which consists of three parts: a self-image, … an object-image, … and the emotional relation or affect between the two, such as love, anger, fear or desire.”  –A. H. Almaas, Pearl Beyond Price, p. 50

In Taking Your True Shape® we enquire into the direct experience of whatever challenges we are engaged in (weight, relationships, work, etc.) using the lens of the girl-beachSystem of the Lie Players as a tool for dissolving the false sense of self (shape) that limits our knowing of ourselves and living our lives as the love, truth, freedom, and beauty we are.

The Ending the Dance of the System of the Lie Players Mini-Retreat will allow you to:

  • bring kind, insightful, and life-changing understanding to the most challenging parts of your personality and outer relationships
  • transform the victimized stance of the Child so patterns of immaturity and suffering dissolve naturally and permanently
  • experience the fullness of your capacities to have what you want and experience Love as the fabric of what you are
  • understand how the Players kept the dream of your essential nature alive while you now develop the capacities that free your heart and soul to live freely and fully

Please note the total group size is less than 10 people. The group size is kept small to allow Dr. Ocean to track everyone’s process and provide personalized support for your unique transformative threads. Our goal is 100% success for each of our students at every event, we limit class sizes accordingly.


Are You Ready?


Program Information


Hours: Friday 8am-9pm • Saturday 8am-9pm • Sunday 8am-3pmdinner

Format: Each teaching session is approximately three hours. Breaks between sessions for meals, walks on the beach (just 2 blocks from our location), resting, integrating, and socializing are approximately two hours.

Meals Included: Friday & Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner • Sunday Breakfast & Lunch

Activities Included: Meditation, O C E A N Yoga, Elegant Dinner, Expressive Arts, O C E A N Deep Transformation Experience, O C E A N Medicine Walk, and much more.

Coaching Certification: This Mini-Retreat is a requirement for Taking Your True Shape® Embodiment Coaching Certification program – Coaching Level.

Prerequisite: Taking Your True Shape®  Makeover. Students who have not taken this program can still come to the Mini-Retreat by satisfying the prerequisite through self-study. Please contact Dr. Ocean immediately for details.


Travel & Accommodations


Airports: Long Beach Airport (LGB) – approximately 15 minutes from hotel and retreat location. Orange County Airport (John Wayne, SNA) – approximately 25 minutes from hotel and retreat location. Los Angeles (LAX) approximately 35 minutes from hotel and retreat location. All times are without traffic, allow an additional 30 minutes travel time for rush hour time periods (M-F 7:30am-9:30am & 4-7pm) for SNA & LAX.


Hotel: While there are many fabulous hotels in Long Beach to choose from, past participants have preferred the Golden Sales Hotel. Currently they have internet rates of approximately $95/nite for our retreat dates.


Car: Generally, our visiting participants have shared a rental car. Distance from the hotel to the retreat location is approximately 4 miles. Unfortunately, there are no hotels within walking distance to our site.


Questions about other hotels, possibles roommates, or the Mini-Retreat? Email us at


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This exclusive, activity rich, life-changing 3-day event is $1,500 full price for the Mini-Retreat only and $3500 for the Mini-Retreat with 10 Private Sessions. Early registration discounts and four easy payment options below. Click the link of the package you wish to purchase.


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No refunds will be given after 6/11/14.