Jul 03 2017

True Freedom for Independence Day 2017

Dear Ones, Here’s a little gift to support your inner freedom this summer. The following presentation was recorded at Sacred Space in Tucson. They didn’t start the recording until midway through the introduction but my whole presentation is in the video below. You may also download the handout for the presentation here. Blessings for a…

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Mar 05 2016

Why I Disappeared.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in touch, so with the help of my dear friend and book editor Jan Henrikson, I want to give you a health update and preview of what I’ve been working on for you during my time away. Only today did I realize that I’d not updated my…

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Feb 07 2013

Dr. Ocean Discusses True Willpower for Diet and Exercise

In this short video, Dr. Rebecca Ocean discusses the common perception of willpower, and the way it plays out in the work that she teaches. Learn the difference between the traditional concepts of willpower and True Will that comes form within.

Jan 06 2010

Chocolate is Not the Enemy

[Excerpt from Jan Henrikson’s article from Chicken Soup for the Dieter’s Soul about her experience with Dr Rebecca Ocean] It wasn’t yet 7:00 in the morning and already I was chain-eating lime chili tortilla chips. I stood at the kitchen counter, emotionally hung-over from yet another fight with my boyfriend. I was crunching the anger,…

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Sep 03 2009

Stop Treating Yourself the Way Your Parents Treated You (or the opposite) and Start Living Your Authentic Life

You (and probably everyone you know) are suffering because you don’t know the following secret to living your authentic life. The source of the frustrating variance between the life you’re currently living and the one that would be most fulfilling to you is invisible. It’s not your spouse or lack of spouse. It’s not your…

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Feb 14 2009

A Splash of Love

It’s Valentine’s season again. What happens in you when you see all the red and pink displays in the stores?For some, Valentine’s is a superficial, saccharin or made up holiday they’d prefer to ignore. For others, it’s a painful reminder of the longing they have for True Love. Even for those with a lover, very…

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Jan 20 2009

Change is in the Air

Wow! Can you feel it? The hope and mobilization for change in the air this week? Regardless of which side of the fence you are on politically, it would be difficult to ignore the powerful focus of our national and world consciousness on change for good. Our new President is publicly and powerfully modeling the…

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