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As the new year approaches we experience a natural desire to start fresh, feel lighter, more open, and free from the heaviness of the past.

Cleansing is a powerful way to honor our natural desire for inner cleaning but when we cleanse the wrong way we end up feeling heavier, more confused, and more miserable than we did before.

There are a lot of options out there for cleansing, and while most of them are rooted in good intentions, the truth is they can do more harm than good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I want to make sure you honor your desire to feel lighter this season with a cleanse that works for you on all levels. With my Quick Release & Permanent Peace 10-week cleanse you will release excess weight, increase your energy, and improve your mood all while building a solid foundation for life-long healing of food issues.

Most people don’t know that I’ve helped many people lose a lot of weight quickly, safely, and permanently. I didn’t intentionally keep it a secret, I just know that everyone’s body and transformation process is unique. So I’ve limited the cleansing component to my one-on-one work with clients in private sessions where can work together to discover which foods are the truly healing and delicious medicines that will transform their body, moods, and eating forever.

However, I’ve been receiving so many requests for food-specific cleansing support this year, I’ve decided it’s time to teach everything I know about cleansing while guiding you step-by-step through the process online.


Quick Release & Permanent Peace

Conscious Cleanse

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You will learn how to:

  • eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods
  • identify food sensitivities that are making you physically & emotional sick
  • use healthy sugar replacements
  • find your optimal protein level
  • make your favorite meals cleanse-friendly
  • smoothly transition in and out of the cleanse, and much more.

You will also begin to release your self-destructive patterns and self-criticism, freeing you to have a wholesome, loving, and peaceful relationship with your body, food, and eating.

Getting the full benefits of a truly healing cleanse can be a long, tough process when done on your own. That’s why I want to offer my help.

Do you suffer from ANY of these sypmtoms?

sugar/carb cravings
skin rashes
brain fog
memory loss
weight gain
sleep problems
sinus congestion
runny nose
chronic diarrhea
frequent illness
constant hunger
insulin resistance
autoimmune diseases

How much simpler would life be without these symptoms?

Many of these issues can be traced back to common foods that we have been consuming our entire lives.

Food can be your medicine!

While only very few people have a true allergy to certain foods (such as anaphylaxis to eating seafood), as many as 75% of people are sensitive to certain foods which are making them sick.

Though you may not think you’re sick enough to go to the doctor, these food sensitivities could be robbing you of energy and vitality that are rightfully yours.

While there are tests that can help you decipher which foods are causing your symptoms, the gold standard method for assessing food sensitivities is still the elimination and reintroduction process.

In my Conscious Cleanse, you will be guided through a simple, short version of the elimination process targeting the most offensive and problematic foods in your diet.

We do this so you can have direct, experiential knowledge about which foods are toxic to your unique body.

Even if you discover that some of your favorite foods are making you sick – do not despair!

BECAUSE…Thanks to the amazing creativity of the human mind and the bounty of the

natural world, you will still be able to enjoy delicious versions of your favorite foods without suffering the symptoms.

Over the years I’ve tested and perfected recipes that replicate your favorite meals using delicious AND Non-Toxic ingredients!

I believe that you cannot leave TASTE out of the equation.

That’s why the Conscious Cleanse is focused on great tasting food NOT just on what gets removed.

If you are ready to release excess weight for the new year, NOW IS THE TIME!


I have been helping people make positive, lasting change for 20 years.


Starting with myself 20 years ago, when I lost 150lbs for the last time!

I’m thrilled to finally be sharing all my food secrets with you this season.



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How much more would you enjoy the new year if you released 25 pounds?


If the timing is right for you to release excess weight, you will have everything you need to do just that – AND keep it off for good.


Here’s what’s included:

• 10 55-minute private sessions with me to answer all your questions and provide personalized support for your success

• Meal planning support including shopping guidelines

• Recipes for delicious, cleansing meals

• MP3 recordings of all the course content


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: “Is the Quick Release & Permanent Peace Cleanse right for me?”

This cleanse is right for you if you are committed to releasing weight now, and want to have increased energy and improved mood to focus on what you love.

This cleanse is deeper than others, because you will be supported in releasing destructive patterns and understanding where your issues with food are rooted, so you can heal them.

Q: “What is included the online cleanse?”

Included in the online cleanse:

A menu of meals that fit your level of commitment – no need to do any calculations
Recipes and shopping lists to make those meals easy and fabulous!
Weekly Private Sessions – when you can ask your questions directly to me

Q: “What if I cannot attend the weekly support calls live?”

All the support calls will be recorded, so you can listen at anytime that is convenient for you. And you can always post questions to Facebook as well.

Q: “I’m super busy, what if I can’t fit it in?”

The plan includes a menu and recipes and shopping lists to put it all together.

If you can replace your current food prep time with something new or set aside just a few hours per week you can fit it in.

If you CANNOT set aside a few hours, you’ll love my “on-the-go options” – believe me I’m familiar with having a full schedule and know how to make it work. I want you to take the time you need for your health and a full life should not hold you back from releasing weight!

Q: “What if I fail to stick to the food plan?”

This is a “no-fail” cleanse…every departure from the structure is an opportunity to learn something. If we find that you cannot get through a day without a sugar fix in the afternoon, it could be telling us something about your blood sugar or a neurotransmitter imbalance.

This program allows us to process that information into a better individualized plan for you – rather than giving you a reason to give up or to beat up on yourself.

Q: “What should I eat after the cleanse is over?”

I will help you to determine what is the right way to transition out of the cleanse, or help you keep going if you’d like to go longer.

You’ll also have the option of working one-on-one with me to design a personalized and delicious ongoing program for continued weight loss.

Q: “When does the program begin?”

The doors open to the Quick Release & Permanent Peace Cleanse on May 12, but you can join anytime up to May 26. The Facebook group will run until Independence Day – July 4, 2014.

Q: “What is the food plan?”

You will have the choice of 3 levels of purification – the baseline is that everyone will cut out sugar.

I will guide you on how to choose the right level for you based on your history with cleansing, knowledge of your food sensitivities, and what your goals are.

For one person it could be as simple as eliminating sugar, for another it could be eliminating all the major food allergens.

Our focus is going to be on eating nourishing foods that support your brain, your
neurotransmitters, your mood and your energy – NOT on what we eliminate.

Q: “How long will the cleanse last?”

The entire program will be 4 weeks, which will consist of an intro period, ten days on the food plan, and a transition week. I will help you ease into it and ease
out of it, or help you determine how to continue should you want to.

You’ll be eating lots of tasty, nutrient-dense foods, so you may just want to continue if you are feeling great!

Q: “Do I have to buy supplements?”

No supplements are required.

I will provide a list of foundational vitamins and supplements that you may want to take as a baseline if you’re not already. Also, I will provide a list of supplements for individual issues such as to relieve cleansing reactions, but no supplements are required.

Q: “I love food! Will I have to cut out my favorite stuff?”

This cleanse is not all about elimination. We’re going to eliminate the things that cause problems, and we’re going to focus on eating the delicious and nourishing foods that our body loves.

Food is one our great pleasures in life and I have never seen people maintain significant weight loss without being able to enjoy food that is both nourishing and delicious.

Q: “Will I have to count calories or count carbs”?

The three menu options have varying levels of carbohydrate – reduced carbohydrate levels come naturally when substituting greens and veggies for grains and processed foods – but you will not be counting carbs!

All you have to do is choose the level you want, and stick to the menu of delicious, nourishing meals – don’t think about your carbs or calories at all!


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