“I KNOW that you can lose 20 pounds by Easter, AND shed all those NASTY toxins with a 3 week detox plan. But you probably don’t believe me.

According to object relations theory, the development of ego structure through the process of separation-individuation happens primarily by means of the internalization of object relations through the formation of inner images of self and other. The “object” is generally the human love object, and an object relation is simply the relation between self and object, usually an emotional relation. “Object relations” then generally refer to the mental representation of this relation, which consists of three parts: a self-image, … an object-image, … and the emotional relation or affect between the two, such as love, anger, fear or desire.” –A. H. Almaas, Pearl Beyond Price, p. 50

I KNOW that you can lose 20 pounds by Easter, AND shed all those NASTY toxins with a 3 week detox plan. But you probably don’t believe me.

I know that detox programs and cleansing protocols can be HELL, believe me I know. I’ve been there.

I can hear you cringing at the idea of a Detox! “They’re so hard, I have to give up all my favorite stuff, I can’t go out with my friends, blah, blah, blah…”

Here’s the thing, the way you’ve cleansed in the past is all wrong.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you just didn’t know what you were doing.

I know this, because I didn’t know either…

… and I FAILED at least a hundred diets and cleanse programs.

And I failed them HARD.

I would feel IMPRISONED on the damn cleanse!

All I wanted to do was hang out and get a drink with my friends, is that such a bad thing?

Can you hear me whining?

Everyday was a BATTLE, an all out WAR with my mind, that so badly tried to justify that the cleanse was somehow bad for me, and how it would be better to just go back to “normal”.

Have you heard this voice too?

The only issue was that normal was also hell.

If I did manage to stay on the cleanse, I would end up completely falling apart on the transition period back into “normal eating”. Basically I’d eat an entire pizza and a pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Ben and Jerry’s the day I came off of a cleanse.

It wasn’t pretty.

It felt like hell.

I hated myself.

I hated the fact that I ever tried the cleanse in the first place!

And this little voice inside told me I was stupid for ever being hopeful…

…hopeful that I would lose weight FINALLY!

…hopeful that I would have more energy instead of drinking 6 cups of coffee a day (and still feeling too tired to thing straight).

…hopeful that I could just get the results and stop spending every waking hour thinking about LOSING WEIGHT!!!

This, I’m sad to say, was my life.

UNTIL I discovered the SINGLE BIGGEST OBSTACLE to weight loss and cleansing success there is…

…and I was finally able to find PEACE with food!

I guess what I really found was myself, but I got to my soul through my eating.

Finally, I could lose the weight and the built-up toxins when I needed, and I could CHILL and just enjoy GREAT FOOD when I wanted to also!!

It was such a shift for me. In the past I never really let myself enjoy great food because I had the inner voice haunting me the whole time…

“should you really be doing this?”

“This isn’t going to help you lose weight!”

“But I gotta enjoy myself SOMETIMES right?”

The truth is I didn’t really enjoy myself even when I tried.

I’d eat the cookie or the pizza and the ice cream, and the whole time hating myself, and then hate myself some more afterward (a lot more afterward actually).

It really sucked: food was the only thing that made me feel better, but then it made me feel EVEN WORSE!

But once I saw the SELF –SABOTAGE, it gave me freedom. And Rebecca is going to show you exactly what I learned, and what I did, and how to do the SAME thing. Just register for her free course below.