Private Sessions

“Most of my adult life, I have sought out therapists, good and knowledgeable people, who patched me up on a weekly basis and sent me back to my world of daily anxiety, self-defeating behaviors and strained relationships. Nothing truly changed for me until I started working with Rebecca only two years ago. Her insight, mirroring and loving presence have been transformative.

My life is calmer and more joyful, and my relationships with family and friends are more open, honest and nurturing. The man I’m dating now tells me he is awed by my authenticity.

Becky is well-versed in the work of others and recommends books, practitioners and modalities that meet my needs, as they arise. Examples are Alison Armstrong and the Diamond Approach. She truly wants what is best for me.

My experience with various therapists has been of trying to change myself, fix myself, so I can be happier. Rebecca has taught me to love and accept myself exactly as I am, which, ironically, has transformed me. I have changed, radically, but not through self-rejection. I’ve had therapists who tell me self-love is the key, but they didn’t succeed in leading me to self-love. Is that the difference between therapy and Rebecca’s work? Maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe it is. The main difference is what Becky does works!”

—A, Long Beach CA


Transform the Heart of Problematic Patterns

If you’ve read or heard my story, you know I can relate to the pain and frustration of being stuck in painful patterns with body/food, relationship, and work/money despite being smart, introspective (a naval-gazer from way back), self-motivated, and having decades of psychotherapy.

Every day I am grateful for the miracles of transformation that woke me up to the love, truth, and beauty in myself, others, and the world, and freed me from carrying an extra 150-pounds and being out of control with food, unconsciously pushing love away while desperately trying to find it, and working myself to exhaustion to compensate for feelings of profound unworthiness.

There is nothing more meaningful to me than to support you in awakening to the truth of who and what you are and to experiencing true freedom from your personal flavors of suffering.

I’m not a psychotherapist, nor a clinical psychologist, nor a coach. While my training includes all these areas and my clients say our work together is therapeutic, diagnostic, and results-oriented, the sole (soul) purpose of our relationship is to support your deepest level of transformation through the practical and persistent challenges you face every day.

My unique way of working one-to-one with people developed by accident, by proximity, and by grace.

By accident because I never intended to be anything other than a computer consultant/systems analyst. By proximity because I’ve had the blessing of working with amazing psychotherapists and teachers of psycho-spiritual development over the years. And by grace because grace is what actually does the transforming and because the impulse to serve came from beyond my own self-interest.

From private sessions you will:

    • Set a powerful intention and map your path to symptom-free eating, freedom from compulsion, and peace with food (and relationships, creativity, etc.)
    • Learn to identify your most enlivening, pleasurable, and sustainable way of eating for life
    • Receive personalized support to create your flow with food including systems for shopping, cooking, eating, and socializing in an aligned way
    • Uncover, understand, and transform the false beliefs keeping painful patterns in place once and for all
    • Identify and dissolve the roots of sabotage and body image problems including negative self-talk, comparison, and low self-esteem/worth
    • Learn to source your actions from clarity, compassion, courage, creativity, and commitment for optimal flow
    • Cultivate your capacity to experience the freedom, love, peace, pleasure, and power of your true nature
    • Become aligned with your deepest truth and magnetic to the body/health, people, and opportunities that bring you true fulfillment and your most beautiful life



“Before I started working with Becky, I was crazy, out of control, and scared. My emotions were all over the place, as was my eating, and I felt sick, depressed, anxious and completely powerless to do anything about it.

I avoided working one-on-one with Becky for a long time (I had done a series of classes so I knew her) because I was scared of the safety and intimacy that I knew would be there. I felt so flawed, so defective, that I didn’t want her to see how horrible I was. For many years, we didn’t work with my food issues. We worked with my emotions, my anger, my relationship which constantly triggered my emotions and my anger.

Becky’s gentleness and compassion allowed me to learn that it’s ok to be gentle with my tender, wounded parts, that it’s ok to have tender, wounded parts, and that indeed, everyone has tender, wounded parts. Her presence, never judging, always with me, allowed me to face my fears of others and my fear of being judged. Her compassion allowed me to face my own judgement with compassion, and to feel the pain of what that judgement does to me.

I can only begin to describe the transformation that has occurred as a direct result of my one-on-one sessions with Becky. I am now calm and grounded much of the time (a state I could only imagine when I began working with her). Now when emotions arise, I can identify them, be curious about what is causing them, and see what I need. I don’t get overwhelmed by my emotions anymore, never get lost in them, and, instead, experience my deep sensitivity as one of my greatest assets. The same is true with eating. I make food choices that are good for my body. I’m curious, not judgmental, so I always open to new information when I eat something out of alignment. After a lifetime of feeling there was never enough food, love, etc., I am in touch with the simplicity of when I’m hungry, what I’m hungry for, and when I’ve had enough.

I never thought that I could be as present and engaged in my life as I am today, and it is a direct result of working in private sessions with Becky. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough.”

—Robin, Denver C0


My Expertise Is in Helping You Transform:

  • Cravings & Emotional Eating
  • Weight Issues
  • Blocks to Optimal Eating for Life
  • Body Image Issues
  • Mood Imbalances (without medication)
  • Chronic Illness/Symptoms
  • Challenging Relationship Patterns
  • Blocks to Finding Optimal Partnership
  • Difficult Endings into Healing Opportunities
  • Adoption Issues
  • Performance Blocks in Work & Creativity
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Addictions
  • Grief & Loss
  • Life Transitions
  • Rebelliousness/Noncompliance into True Strength & Self-Advocacy
  • Victim/Child Identitification into True Value & Trusting Love & Life
  • Rescuing/Enabling/Codependence into True Compassion & Self-Love
  • Self-Judgement/Criticism into Objectivity, Clarity & True Inner Guidance


My Comprehensive Approach Includes:

  • Compassionate Understanding
  • Body Awareness/Mindfulness
  • Embodied Enquiry
  • Psycho-Spiritual Guidance
  • Nutritional & Neuro-Nutrient Support
  • Patient Advocacy with Your Physician
  • Authentic Exercise/Movement
  • Kind Accountability for Your Goal/Intention
  • Discovering & Exploring Your Enneagram Type


Underlying Premises

Premise #1:

Underneath long-term, painful patterns with food, relationship, money, and creativity lies this fundamental truth about being human: through normal childhood development, we receive some accurate and many inaccurate messages about who we are, what is valuable and lovable about us, and what’s possible for us to experience inside ourselves, in relationship with others, and in the course of our lives.

Premise #2:

These inaccurate messages are misunderstandings that condition and limit our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors resulting in distorted thinking, emotional suffering, and painful habitual patterns.

Premise #3:

When our misunderstandings are clarified in the presence of compassion and objectivity, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors transform in an optimal way for the unique individual we are, and our inner experience and outer expression become aligned with the love, truth, and beauty of our deepest nature.


“Before I started working with Becky, I read a lot of books about Buddhism, New-Age spirituality, psychology, self-improvement, chakra-balancing, yoga…and I enjoyed them and they all helped me to understand that there was a different way of living and understanding life than I had been following.

Nonetheless, I was still depressed and obsessed. Many days I would wake up with crushing anxiety – the day would feel hopeless before I would even get out of bed.

Making decisions was often impossible. I would pace back and forth weighing the pros and cons of every little decision, to the point that I often would never leave my house. Then I would be angry at myself because I didn’t take action, and feel like a total failure. It seemed that no one else had these problems.

When I did get anything done it was usually thanks to a massive amount of caffeine, which only made the anxiety worse, and soon caused me to crash lower than before.

It was incredibly scary for me to play music in front of people, even though that is was what I love to do the most. Now, things are completely different. I have learned to give myself space, and to make decisions with heart, not with my head. I love to perform in front of people and share my music; it’s still a little scary, but I have the presence to handle it now.

I feel hopeful, I am able to handle the pressures of everyday life AND still enjoy myself.

Becky has helped me find my capacities and to learn to live from my heart. Working with her is one of the most important things I have ever done.

There is no way to put a price tag on the ways that your life will improve. If I had the money. I’d have paid a million dollars for the benefit I’ve received from this work!”

—Greg Marchini, Los Angeles CA


What Happens During Private Sessions?

Just as each relationship in your life has different elements, our work together and session structure will be customized to support the unique person you are and the unique place you are in your psycho-spiritual development.

Most of my clients are working the curriculum from one of our programs and utilizing private sessions to personalize their learning and deepen their transformation. Our sessions might include private instruction in the core practices, assessment review and recommendations, compassionate accountability, guided meditation and/or enquiry, and deep exploration into and processing of thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and beliefs that have kept self-limiting patterns in place.


How to Schedule Private Sessions with Rebecca

If you are completely new to me and my work, feel free to request a Complimentary 55-minute Breakthrough & Strategy session. Learn more by clicking here.


Ready to Jump in the Deep End?

If you’ve heard about me from a friend, or are a student in one of my courses, or just deeply resonate with me and what you’ve learned so far and are chomping at the bit to get started right away, the Breakthrough 3-session Transformation Package is your optimal next step. Receive a comprehensive assessment of what’s keeping you from realizing your potential, experience a powerful jump start, an optimizing shift in perspective, and clarity about your personal path for the transformation you most desire – all in your first session! Receive precise guidance, compassionate accountability, working through of obstacles, and fine-tuning of your long-term strategy in sessions two and three.

Breakthrough 3-Session Transformation Package • Save $140 • $497.

One 70-minute Assessment Session and two 55-minute Private Sessions.

Click here to register now.


Private Session FAQ

1. Do you have larger session packages with bigger discounts?

Yes. We offer our long-term, highly committed clients nicely discounted VIP 10 and 20 sessions packages. (And other special treats Rebecca comes up with along the way.)

2. Can I buy more than one package at a time?

Yes. Simply change the quantity in your shopping cart.

3. Even if I have a promo or coupon code?

Yes. Most of our promotions give you the options of purchasing more than one session or package at a time unless a limit is specified in the promotion.

4. When do I have to use the sessions by? Do they expire?

Yes. You must use all your sessions within 1 year from your date of purchase or they will expire. This policy encourages your prioritizing of your intention and deters procrastination in addition to being necessary for our sustainable business practices.

5. None of the open slots on the calendar work for me. What are my options?

First check future dates. Depending on when you buy, the next few weeks may be full but you may find more openings later.

If you still can’t find a time and you’d like to be on our cancellation list, after purchasing your session(s) send us an email requesting to be added to the cancellation list with your preferred times. Whenever possible we will ask other clients who have more flexibility in their schedules to switch times with you.

6. What is Rebecca’s private session schedule?

Most sessions are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2 to 5 and 6 to 9pm, all times are pacific. Occasionally a session may be scheduled on Wednesday afternoon or another time outside that range, however, there are never private sessions on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Those days are reserved for travel, public workshops and events, and our popular 3-day mini-retreats.

7. These rates are more than I can afford on a regular basis. I really want to work with Rebecca, are there any other options?

Yes. There are several.

a. Commit to your transformation with a friend or two and split the session cost.

We call it Private Sessions – squared or cubed. This has many advantages in addition to costing you less money. You will have much greater support in your daily life because you will have at least one other person who is learning, practicing, and transforming through this uniquely powerful method. When you complete a course and private sessions together your friendship is bound to deepen, transform, and become truly soul-nourishing. And we offer a discount on our courses for both you and your friend(s) when you work together in private sessions because we know how valuable the additional support is to your transformation and long-term well-being.

b. Attend an in-person event or online course.

We limit the number of students in our in-person events and online courses so Rebecca can give a lot of personal attention to those who attend. Check our Programs page for our current offerings.

c. Become an O C E A N Dolphin – our work-exchange program. If you have skills we need to support Rebecca and our students/clients you may apply to be part of our team and receive a 50% discount on private sessions and live events. Email us for more information.

If the time is right to finally embody the greater love, peace, freedom, and joy that naturally accompanies your alignment with your true self, sign up and schedule your first session today.