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Depression & Anxiety


Balance Your Brain, Balance Your Life

Do you struggle with low energy, fatigue, or mood imbalances such as depression or anxiety?

Do you think if you just had more will power your life would be better?

Dr. Rebecca Ocean

It is very possible that, due to stress and other factors, you may not have enough of the brain chemicals that could help you feel emotionally strong, energetic, and balanced.

It is not about will power and you have done nothing wrong.

You can change these chemical imbalances with some very simple nutritional solutions, and Dr. Rebecca Ocean’s Mood Balancing Program will show you how to do that.

Mood Balancing is one of the most powerful supports
I have ever offered to people. Truly life-changing.    -Dr. Rebecca Ocean

Discover how to unleash your brain’s comfort chemicals naturally.

We all have very powerful natural brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that are essential for healthy functioning. Neurotransmitters determine and enhance our moods and allow us to experience emotional balance. And our bodies have to have them. If we are lacking in them or they are unbalanced, our brain receives a message that this deficiency must be fixed. Our brain implores us to find a drug or a food that will substitute for the missing comfort chemical. These are desperate messages because we can’t function well without these chemicals.

If this sounds familiar to you, something has interfered with your neurotransmitters’ production. There are several common problems that can result in your feel-good brain chemicals becoming depleted, and not one of them is your fault. Your food cravings, depression, irritability, sensitivity, and anxiety are all symptoms of a deficiency in chemicals your brain could be accessing on its own if it had the right nutritional support.

A Mood Balancing Consultation will help you:
  • Understand how and why you became unbalanced
  • Zero in on your specific deficient chemicals
  • Replenish these depleted chemicals using simple nutritional solutions

Dr. Ocean’s work with amino acids for brain balancing has changed my life. I’ve been on and off anti-depressants for the past five years but I wanted to go a more natural route. Her knowledge helped me find the perfect balance. I’ve had more consistent moods than I’ve ever had and I feel more like myself — the self I had worked so hard to heal and become but couldn’t fully access. I am profoundly grateful for her insight and for this cutting edge treatment for mood imbalances. Thank you Dr. Ocean!     – C. M. Santa Monica, CA

Mood Balancing is available as part of the Taking Your True Shape® Makeover or as a stand-alone consultation.

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