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Find Your Flow with Food™

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Are you:

  • invested in your psycho-spiritual growth and transformation?
  • successfully applying your learning to and transforming other areas of your life? Yet…
  • still unable to embody the love, peace and freedom you sense is possible with your body, food and weight?


Discover your last weight loss program.


Finally, an Integral Approach to Weight Transformation

Traditional weight loss programs are based on a model that doesn’t recognize nor have the inner technology to support the comprehensive transformation required for permanent weight loss and resolution of imbalanced eating. True transformation in this area requires an approach founded on growth, development, and evolution of the soul rather than the problem-solving orientation of the culture at large.

Developed through 20 years of research and teaching, the Taking Your True Shape® program is a truly comprehensive, integral system for embodying one’s true and optimal expression in body/soul, relationships, work, and life.

In this special telecourse being offered especially for our community for no charge, the 7 Practices for Taking Your True Shape® telecourse will support the development of weight loss, balanced eating, and/or transforming body image while providing guidance for embodying one’s true self in every area of life.


Tired of being told how to lose weight by people who’ve been skinny their whole lives?
Meet Dr. Rebecca Ocean

After weighing nearly 300 pounds – twice, 17 years ago Dr. Rebecca Ocean lost 150 pounds for the last time. From her personal experience, 20 years as a psycho-spiritual teacher, and her doctoral research on Women, Weight & Embodiment (understanding the psycho-spiritual process of healing obesity) she created the Taking Your True Shape® – a comprehensive eating and weight transformation program.

The Taking Your True Shape process is unique in the weight loss world because it supports people in making the critical shift from engaging transformation from a system based on negative judgement, willpower/control, and external problem-solving to a system based on compassion, curiosity, objective awareness, and embodied understanding of and alignment with the deepest truth of who and what we are. A long time student of the Diamond Approach® and practical methods of conscious embodiment, Rebecca incorporates decades of experience with the Enneagram, meditation, body/soul attunement, enquiry practice, relationship coaching, nutrition, and neuro-nutrient therapy into her work with students all over the world.

Taking Your True Shape classes are available online and in person in Southern California. Rebecca also teaches the deeper levels of the process through mini-retreats and personalized private sessions via phone or Skype.


Can’t make the live calls?

Once registered for the course participants will automatically receive emails with links to the MP3 recordings within 24 hours of the live call at no charge.



True Shape Practice 1: Meditation

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 • 4-5:30pm PDT, 5-6:30pm MDT, 6-7:30pm CDT, 7-8:30pm EDT
  • What does meditation have to do with changing your relationship with body, food, and weight?
  • Why the goal of meditation is not to “get your mind to stop” “feel peaceful” or any of the dozens of other meditation myths (and what the true goal is).
  • How to know for certain when your meditation practice is on the right track.

The particular meditation used in Taking Your True Shape® is a simple yet potent catalyst for developing the presence that changes everything about weight loss, balanced eating, and transforming body image. On this call we’ll be joined by our friend, John Dupuy (founder of Integral Recovery and CEO of iAwake Technologies), for a synergistic conversation about transforming addiction and the easiest and most effective ways to make your daily meditation practice a solid part of your foundation for transformation.