Fall Support Group to Help You

Find Your Flow with Food

Create lasting change by embracing the science and soul of eating.


Would you love to experience any of these by 2017?:

• Feel lighter in your body, more comfortable in your clothes

• Reduce or eliminate food related symptoms – inflammation, cravings, unbalanced mood, etc.

• See the scale start moving in a life-affirming direction

• Feel confident in your knowing about what foods help your body heal

• Have experience with effective tools for opening up resistance, handling social situations, decreasing stress and anxiety around eating

Well, I’d love to help you!

We’ll work together to make sure you are clear about the optimal structure and compassionate experiment for your unique soul this fall. By joining this compassionate, encouraging, and empowering community you will:

• Get through the hard parts with more grace and ease

• Stay on course even when resistance is happening and without rejecting any part of yourself

• Turn obstacles into breakthroughs

• Celebrate hard won victories – large and small – with others who really get what a big deal it is to make lasting change in this area.

Now is an auspicious time for change!

My teacher friends and I have been discussing how we feel a great deal of invisible support these days for new, life-affirming commitments – especially around health and well being.

I truly hope you will join me and a small group of wonderful O C E A N women for a very powerful, healing, and mind-heart-body-transforming season. By winter you’ll be amazed at who you’ve become.

If you’re on a budget but would like the maximum support from me personally and in a small group format, now is the perfect time. This is my first class back after a long healing journey so I’m keeping the group size small. And I’ve made it possible for you to get started for only $125 with the hope that this will make getting comprehensive, wise, loving support as accessible as possible.

And I’m including a free, full 55-minute private session to ensure we have time to work on your specifics or deeper material than you may feel comfortable sharing in the group.

Here’s Your Customizable 4-Month Outline


September – Preparation

Opening to Love, Wisdom & Grace as True Guidance
Discovering Your Sacred Chord
Embracing Resistance, Plateaus, Emptiness, Loneliness as a Doorway to Love
Choosing Your Compassionate Experiment Structure
Preparing Yourself, Your Environments & Your Loved Ones
Forming Your True Support Team for Safety, Nurturing & Empowerment

October – Experimentation

Practicing & Mastering Compassionate Experimentation
How to Evaluate Your “Results” without Criticism, Shame, or Self-Hatred
Non-food Tools for Soothing Stress, Big Emotions, Conflicts, etc
Cooking Demonstrations, Tastings & Recipe Sharing
Individual Q & A, tweaking, detox support, etc.

November – Deeper Embodiment

Diagnoses & Symptoms as Symbols for Soul Healing
Hunger, Loss, Anger, Unworthiness & Insecurity as Portals to Fulfillment
Body Image Alignment with Love, Truth & Beauty
Gratitude for Self, Body, Support, Greater Freedom & Choice

December – Celebration

Honoring & Celebrating Your Commitment to Self-Love, Embodied Truth & True Beauty
Discovering & Embodying True Pleasure During the Holidays
Sensing True Guidance for Your Next Discovery/Iteration

Here’s Your Powerful & Flexible Format


Weekly Zoom Group Video Support Calls

I’ve been using Zoom for video meetings and private sessions for years. I’ve found it to be higher quality and more stable than Skype. It’s free and easy for your to use on your computer or smartphone. Group calls will be held on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00pm Pacific and occasional weekends.

MP3 Recordings of All the Group Calls

Can’t make the live meeting? No problem. We’ll post a link to the recording within 24 hours of the group call. Also, some of the materials will be in video and written format – multi-channel learning for all kinds of learners.

Materials from the Awakening Cleanse & Finding Your Flow with Food Courses

You’ll have full access to these teaching materials to support your journey. Pick and choose what you’d like to learn at your own pace so there’s no overwhelm.

Free 55-minute Private Session with Me

I want to make absolutely sure that you have clarity about your experiment, get all your questions answered, and have the opportunity to go deeper or work through challenges you may not feel comfortable revealing in the group format. Nothing beats one-to-one time so I want to make sure everyone gets some. If you’d like more time with me, I also offer a highly discounted combination package with 5 more private sessions below. We’ll meet in person, by phone, or Skype/Zoom.

Private Facebook Group

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but it has proven to be a very effective format for online support groups. We’ll also have buddy systems to make sure everyone’s up-to-date and no one falls through the cracks without support.

In-person Monthly Meetings in Long Beach and Tucson

Nothing beats being together in person for the ultimate support. It’s also the only way to taste test the recipes at my food demonstrations. We’ll do out best to find a time in each city that works for everyone.

Recipe Sharing

Simply one of the best parts of being a part of this program. Discover wonderful recipes to complete your True Shape Top Ten lists. And find local friends to split-share cooking and discount bulk food orders with.

Total Value of All the Above = $1600


3 Special Rates Until Tuesday 9/6/16

Option 1: Best Rate on the Support Group Alone $397


1 Payment of $397 if you register before Tuesday 9/6/16 ($447 after 9/6/16)

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Option 2: Easy-Pay $125 per Month


4 Payments of $125 before Tuesday 9/6/16 (3 payments of $175 after 9/6/16)


Register Me for the Group with Easy-Pay $125
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Option 3: Biggest Savings – Group & 6 Private Sessions $1197


1 Payment of $1197 before Tue 9/6/16 ($1397 after 9/6/16)


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