How to Lose Weight as a Dance of Love:
the Art & Science of Transformative
Weight Loss

Your Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!

 Wednesday • February 13 • 5pm PDT

from the comfort of your own home*


In this FREE mind-blowing, heart-opening, & life-changing teleseminar with permanent weight loss expert Dr. Rebecca Ocean you will learn:

  • My #1 weight loss secret that is more important than diet and exercise combined
  • Why losing and regaining imprints you for failure & how to get on track for success
  • The truth about food, exercise, stress, cravings & love on the permanent weight loss path
  • How to find the hidden key in your heart to feeling positive motivation that last for life
  • Which parts of your weight loss plan can flow & which must be firm for ease, speed & happiness
  • Plus much, much more you can put into action right away to achieve beautiful results now!

* All you need is a phone or Skype.

If you can’t make the call live you can listen to the recording any time.


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Dr. Rebecca Ocean is a highly sought after transformation specialist. In addition to her doctoral in obesity and 20 years of teaching, she’s maintained her own 150-pound weight loss for 18 years after weighing 300 pounds – twice.

She is the creator of Taking Your True Shape®, a compassionate, comprehensive, “No Fail” weight loss program that teaches women and men her powerful method for achieving and maintaining their optimal weight. Her clients report gains in awareness, self-care, relationships, and work while losing excess weight for the last time.

Questions? Email us or call 562.595.2885 in the Los Angeles Area or 866.926.3334 (toll-free).

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