Obesity Researcher reveals her method for losing weight fast and permanently!

The program she used to lose 150 pounds – and keep it off for 20 years! It’s more than just diet and exercise.



Wed May 14, 2014 • 9:00am PST


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You are about to learn:
  • How to lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days – Safely
  • Detoxing the delicious way
  • The Fat-Storing Food most cleanses ignore
  • How to cleanse with love
  • The true source of food cravings and how to eliminate them
  • How to eat chocolate, mac & cheese, and pancakes and still lose weight
  • How to save money on healthy foods


Presented by Dr. Rebecca Ocean!

I’m not one of those “weight loss coaches” who has always been skinny – I know what it’s like to struggle with food and weight. I used to weigh 300 pounds!

Actually, I weighed 300 pounds TWICE!

Do you know that over 95% of people gain back all their weight within 5 years?

I’ve managed to keep the weight of healthfully and peacefully for 20 years!

I’m so excited to teach you the method I use to help women all over the world lose weight and enjoy a healthy and peaceful relationship with food! becky-before-after

I’ve helped women around the world bring their bodies and hearts into alignment – you don’t have to suffer with low energy, excess weight and mood swings!

Join me live for my free webinar so I can do the same for you!

You need to hear this if you if you:

– Are confused and frustrated by the million and one diet options out there
– Have tried many diets before but lacked the guidance to stay the path
– Are looking for a permanent and sustainable solution
– Are busy and want someone to do all the calculations for you
– Understand that permanent weight loss is more than a diet


“I am much more present with my life…food intake and listening to my body.”

My body has chosen to get rid of what it doesn’t need anymore and it is truly freeing. I now look at a meal and say, “it is enough” and then enjoy each bite immensely. It is surprising how little food I need to feel satisfied now that I am not stuffing my emotions.

“Allowing literally opened me up to make huge changes…”

“I felt stuck – like being unable to get out of a revolving door. The tools that were presented were clear and concise. The process seemed more challenging than I thought I would be able to integrate. Not true!! Allowing literally opened me up to make huge changes. All I had to was to be truly open to receive information.”

“Struggling with weight and depression…this work…has given me a new outlook…”

“Like so many women, I have been struggling with weight and depression for many years. I was at one of my lowest points and felt that there was no help or relief in sight. That was when I found Rebecca.Through this incredible work, I have learned to become aware of my body and the issues that are at the root of my struggle with food and weight. This work has given me hope and a new outlook on the days ahead.”



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