Coaching Certification

Want to Make Great Money & Change Lives?


Become a Taking Your True Shape® Certified Coach!

Once you have experienced the uniquely powerful transformation produced by the Taking Your True Shape process, you can apply to our year-long certification training. Successful completion of the training prepares and qualifies you to expertly guide students step-by-step through the Makeover Online Course. You will support students in getting the most out of their Makeover experience by helping them personalize the teaching and integrate their learning into their daily lives.

Being a Taking Your True Shape® Certified Coach provides a great service to our students, creates fulfilling work for you, and fosters a deepening of your embodiment of the teachings and and acceleration your own transformation. If you feel called to help others transform their relationship with their body, food, and weight, please read below to learn more about our upcoming training program.



To develop a team of uniquely compassionate, courageous, and committed students to join with me as teachers so together we will generate a powerful, loving, and brilliant wave of transformation for women and men suffering with unconscious/emotional eating and excess weight through the embodiment of the Love, Truth, and Beauty that we are.



The amazing women and men who feel a deep calling to this path of transformation for themselves and who feel moved to help lead others out of their shared suffering into their True Beauty and Greatness, will be walking embodiments (Dakinis and Dakas respectively) of this teaching and True Nature.

As they heed their calling with this unique education and training they will fully resolve their issues with food and weight, perpetually dissolve the barriers to True Nature, and profoundly deepen and evolve their minds, hearts, and bodies to align with the Love, Truth, Beauty, Power, Value, Guidance, and Will of the Divine.

Wherever they walk on our beautiful mother earth (from relationships, to casual interactions, to world leadership) they will represent this teaching and True Nature by bringing deep wisdom and space for Love, Truth, Embodied Understanding, and the Evolution of human consciousness through their presence, voice, and actions.

These True Dakinis and Dakas will be warriors for Love, Truth, and Beauty on behalf of themselves, True Nature, and all those who still suffer as they once had. As conscious daughters and sons of the Goddess/God, their Beauty will be timeless, their Power will be transformative, their Love will be inherent in all their actions, and the Truth will set them free.



What will be actualized by the development of a teaching team:

Our team of teachers will make this teaching accessible to a much greater number of students thereby catalyzing much greater transformative impact on our planet.

The creation of a teaching team will provide meaningful work, a congruent and transformative work environment, and financial prosperity for our team of teachers.

The synergy of the teaching team will deepen and grow the teaching beyond what can be developed by a single person.

The company as a living organism will thrive, evolve, and prosper because of the love, service, brilliance, and commitment of the teaching team.

Women and men, formerly oppressed by weight, culture, and inner-misunderstandings, will be empowered by their essential nature to cause a world-wide uprising of love, truth, power, and beauty.


Training & Certification Phases

Phase 1 – Student

Phase II – Apprentice to Certified Coach

Phase III – Coach to Certified Teacher

Phase IV – Teacher to Certified Master/Partner

Phase V – Mastery/Partnership for Life


Phase I – Student

Time to completion:

3-12 years



$497 – $12500 per year
(60 – 320 hours of instruction $9 -$39/hour)



Makeover, Mini-Retreats & Follow Up Courses (listed
below), and Private Sessions


Year 1:

Transform & Disempower System of the Lie Players (Inner Critic,
Rebel, Rescuer, & Child/Victim) & Open to Essential Qualities
They Imitate


Year 2:

Transform by Dissolving Barriers to and Deepening the
Embodiment of Essential Qualities (Will, Strength, Compassion, &


Year 3:

Transform by Shifting Identity from Personality to Essential Nature
(Guidance/Trust, Power/Peace, Love/Beauty, & Value/Precious),
Integration & Graduation


Phase II – Apprentice to Become a Certified Coach

Time to completion:

1-3 years



$2497 – 4997 per year (check back in December for actual pricing)
(70 – 100 hours of instruction)


Return on Investment:

Position with O C E A N as a Coach, earning minimum of
$50/hr (plus increases for relevant advanced degree/training
and proficiency as evaluated by Dr. Ocean), marketing, web
presence, and payment processing provided by company,
as many student hours as you can accommodate from
day 1 of your certification. OR you may work as an independent Taking Your True Shape® Certified Coach and earn/charge a rate set by you.



Apprentice Training Mini-Retreats & Courses, Private
Sessions, Forum Moderation, Supervised Sessions (2
Students 10 sessions each, unpaid, no charge to
students), Proficiency Assessment, Graduation &
Certification as an Taking Your True Shape® Coach


Year 1:

Embodiment Fundamentals, Core Principles, Practices, Aims &
Understanding of the Teaching, Student Stages of Development,
Embodiment Coaching Skills Development (Listening,
Receptivity, Mirroring, Modeling, Meditation, Inquiry, Yoga &
More), Ethics, Proficiency in 5 Session Format (Enneagram,
CPHT, Personalization of Practices, Guidance)


Year 2-3:

Deepening, if Necessary, for Proficiency & Graduation



Phase III – Certified Coach to Become a Certified Teacher

Time to completion:

1-5 years



$5997 per year
(150 hours of instruction $40/hour)


Return on Investment:

Position with O C E A N as a Certified Teacher, earning minimum of
$100/hr (plus increases for relevant advanced degree/training
and proficiency as evaluated by Dr. Ocean and commissions
based on course revenue), marketing, web presence, and
payment processing provided by company, as many course
hours as you can accommodate from day 1 of certification.



Coaches Weeklong Training Retreat & Course,
Private Sessions, Student Evaluations, Proficiency
Assessment, Graduation & Teacher Certification


Year 1:

Principles of the Teaching for Groups, Group Dynamics, Seat of
the Teacher, Technology for Teaching, Embodied Understanding
of Curriculum, Marketing, the Business of Teaching, Training
Coaches, More


Year 2-5:

Deepening for Proficiency, Graduation & Teacher Certification

Phase IV – Certified Teacher to Become a Certified Master/Partner


Time to completion:

3-5 years



$4997 per year
(130 hours of instruction $38/hour)



Teachers Weeklong Training Retreat & Course,
Private Sessions, Student Evaluations, Proficiency
Assessment, Graduation & Master Certification


Year 1-2:

Mastery of the Teaching, Advancing the Teaching, Unique
Expression of Embodiment Teaching, Training Teachers, More


Year 3-5:

Deepening for Proficiency, Graduation & Master Certification


Phase V – Mastery & Partnership

Time to completion:      Lifelong

Investment:                   $0

Return on Investment:  Position with O C E A N as a Master Teacher,
Possibility of Partnership in the Company of New
Services or Markets Based on Your Unique Gifts
and/or Advances to the Teaching, Possibility of
Licensing the Teaching for Your Own Company

Components:                Master Gatherings as Relevant,
Ownership/Management of New O C E A N
Ventures, Licensing

Year 1 to Infinity:           Deepen the Love, Truth & Beauty in the World in
Your Own Unique Way, Forward the Evolution of
Consciousness on the Planet by Your Presence and
Your Participation, Live as True Nature Consciously
Expressing Itself on Earth

2013 Fast-Track Program

After more than 20 years of development, 2013 will bring the triumphant birth of this work to the world in ways that make it accessible to many thousands of women and men who seek this transformation. In addition to publishing our first book, we will be marketing both the book and the Makeover through much more powerful channels than we have ever done before. By the January 2014 we conservatively estimate that our number of students will multiply by a factor of 100. This number of students will far exceed my capacity for offering private sessions.

To prepare for this growth and to make sure all our students have the support of private sessions if they so desire, we are offering fast-track coaching certification path this year only. This fast track will allow chosen women to learn at the student and apprentice level concurrently. This will reduce both the cost and length of time to becoming a well-paid coach for O C E A N. (You will save at least 3 years and over $10,000 on the fast-track. NOTE: Our program is comparable or better than other progressive psychospiritual training programs which cost considerably more and/or take longer.) In addition, you will likely advance more quickly through the training hierarchy and become a key part of the future of our company. And of course, you will be providing invaluable support to me, our students, and the teaching.

My goal is to have 8-10 more well-trained coaches ready to serve our students by January of 2014. These coaches will be competent in supporting new students through their first 10 sessions – including Enneagram typing, the CPHT, personalization of the practices, etc. This ambitious goal will require a bold investment of time and energy from me and those of you who feel called to join me for this life-changing adventure. It is likely you will be given as many paid coaching hours as you can handle from the day you are certified.

Ideally fast-tracked coaches will already have some counseling, teaching, or healing experience working one-to-one with others. However, I’m open to anyone applying who feels a call to this path as a skilled embodiment professional.

You will have a jam-packed year of immersion in both the year one student and apprentice curriculum meaning 5-6 Mini-Retreats, 1 week-long Retreat, weekly online courses, and weekly private sessions with me. Due to the accelerated work-load your growth will be significant. Often breakdowns (the dissolving of what’s false) are part of growth and it is only fair to warn you that breakdowns may be more likely with the accelerated immersion in the work. Due to this possibility, extra consideration will be given for applicants who have a strong support system and/or extensive experience in this kind of transformation.

Download application by clicking here. (coming soon) Priced separately the average cost of all these services in one year is over $17,000. For this year only (because we need you!) I am making it as fast and affordable as I possibly can for you to become a coach.

Please check back in November 2012 for pricing and application instructions.


NOTE: Student must submit a Taking Your True Shape® Coaching Training application to be considered for the program. Once a student is accepted into the program no refunds will be given. Before that time a full refund will be issued less a $50 processing fee. Program information subject to change without notice.