7 Step Awakening Cleanse to Enliven the

Body & Empower the Spirit

of Conscious Women!


Cleansing can be a powerful way to clear blocks from the body, and I’m not just talking about physical toxins.

I’m talking about clearing limiting core beliefs.

I can hear you asking:

“How can changing what I eat affect my psychology and my spirit?”

Well I’m here to tell you that cleansing can do far more then simply detox your body.

Specifically, it can detox the Heart and the Spirit, and these pieces are missing from most cleanse programs.

You have 3 centers of consciousness in your body. They are:

The Psyche – center of thought, self, clarity
The Heart – center of emotions, hurt, love
The Body – center of sensations, health, action

By understanding the 3 centers, and how they are affected by the challenges in your daily life, you unlock the secret to dissolving limiting beliefs.


You can also release your recurring self-destructive patterns and self-criticism, freeing you to do your best work in the world.

There is a way to use the struggles you are currently having in your life, and understand the direction that they are pointing you in.

Once you make the connections, you can dissolve the blocks.

This can be a long, tough process when done on your own. That’s why I want to offer my help.

There is no reason that it has to take you years of study and deep inner work to make positive change in your life.

I have been helping people make positive, lasting change for 20 years.

Starting with myself 20 years ago, when I lost 150lbs for the last time!


I had already lost it once, and gained it all back. I weighed 300 lbs for the SECOND TIME!

I have since helped hundreds of women to make permanent positive changes in their lives.

I want to hold your hand, and guide you through this powerful process of expansion.

Unburden your body, mind and spirit, and avoid all the common pitfalls that only an experienced guide can help you with.

If you are ready to take the fastest, most direct route to permanent change at the CORE of your being, then my 7 Session Awakening Cleanse package is perfect for you!

My 7 Session Cleanse Package includes:

  • 7 Sessions (55-minutes each) with me, one-on-one to work through your deepest blocks
  • Completely personalized program – no cookie cutter approach, get the most impact for your unique soul
  • Assessment of all 3 centers (Psyche, Heart, Body) to determine exactly where your growth is pointing.
  • A PRECISE AIM, personal to you and your Cleanse, to ensure the deepest impact in the shortest time.
  • 7 week on-line course. Every week you can listen in on the group, and learn from other people who are going through the cleanse. You can even ask questions directly to me!

Give yourself permission to be successful!

We will work one-on-one, and I will guide through all the issues that arise for you, and unfold them to help you discover your true self.

I will guide you through deep releases for your core blocks, and help you with all the practical challenges of a cleanse.

This program is designed for practical purification: you will see a positive impact on your day-to-day life.

More peace, more ease, more self-confidence.

I will make sure you have a smooth transition out of the 7-week program, and know exactly how to carry these results forward for the rest of your life.

For a limited time, this program is only $997!

That is a savings of $625 over my standard rates.

I only have a few slots available at this rate, and I can guarantee that prices will never be this low again!

You have 2 options to purchase the 7 Session Awakening Cleanse Spring Special:

Guided 7 Session Cleanse (single payment of $997) – Add to Cart


Guided 7 Sessions Cleanse (2 Pay – 2 payments of $550) – Add to Cart


If you would like to participate in the group cleanse, but are not ready for the 7 Sessions with me, let me give you another option…


The 7 Week Online Course


In the online course you will get:
  • Step-by-Step guidance on how to structure your cleanse
  • Weekly Q&A with me on the group calls
  • MP3 Recordings of the weekly group calls to listen anytime
  • Community Support from everyone else participating in the cleanse

For a limited time only, the 7 Week Online Course is On-Sale for on $97!

This is a savings of $150 off of normal pricing!

If you wish to  join ONLY the7-Week Online Course, click the link below to purchase:

7 Week Online CourseSingle Payment of $97 – Add to Cart


7 Week Online CourseEasy 2-Pay (2 payments of $60) – Add to Cart



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If you have any questions, please email me at thrive@o-c-e-a-n.com